Writers Block.



Make peace.


Fighting with myself is the most difficult.

I hate it

But fight I must.

Fight over what to eat, what to wear, what to say, where to go, who to be with.

Isn’t it easier to succumb? To all that others want me to do and be? To all that I feel like? To all, that’s such a piece of cake?

Why bother listening to the ‘inner Sarz’? It’s just so simple, doing as I want is such a lucid river to swim across, then why do I choose the murky, raging whirlpool?

What difference does it make to anyone what I choose to do and NOT to do! It seems like our lives are run by everyone around us except ourselves. The reins are never in our hands; instead, the neighborhood big mouth, the college bully, the irritating MIL, the infernally interfering ‘friend’ all have their own input and two cent’s worth to contribute towards us, completely unwarranted, I might add..!

Err, we might, humans, aren’t we all? Decisions we take might not be the best and choicest. Who gives a shit! If you don’t scald your hand, how would you learn to keep away!

Taking the high road has never been as plain as ABC; its about time, you learn to move past the laughing hyenas and abysmal cliff and smile the smile that makes all wonder what it is that you know and they don’t. Be happy with yourself. Own yourself.

Make the most of the time you have here, as there won’t be any left to repent when you move on.

Live like you want, talk like you should, jump off a cliff, take a chance!

Live a little!

Knock knock


Listening is not easy. Hearing is. Listening requires me to absorb while fighting the urge to reply, talk back, make up an answer in your head. How do I train my mind, my self to deafen the noise and LISTEN?

The cell phone, Whats app, Facebook, Instagram. It all makes listening a task. An ordeal. Never ending chatter all around. Making it very very difficult to concentrate. Even on our own thoughts. Our wants. Our joy or grief. The world revolves round and round. So fast it makes you breathless.

No time to listen.

To look.

To breathe.

To love wholly.

Hating is easy. Loving is not. Being there for someone is hard. Abandoning is not. Sticking by when it all looks like its falling apart- an act of strength and character. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Whether its work or home, when the going gets tough, we bolt. At least the weak ones do. Weak is not the word, perhaps. Normal? Me and you. Making time for effort and reconciliation not with another, but with ourselves. That’s the key to a lasting relationship. Terminating a subordinate. Divorcing one from it all. The path traveled every day again and again.

It takes passion and love to want to fix. If there is neither, no drive to push through, there’s nothing left to work for. Look inside. Ask yourself if this is where you want to be; is this your dream or reality. A dream you yearned for or the reality you fantasized of? If its not the case, stop. Breathe. Listen and learn. To the voice in your head. It doesn’t lie.  Refuse to be bogged down by the bandwagon. Follow the rainbow to your pot of gold.

Love like there’s no tomorrow.