Games. Lies.

Playing a game is an act requiring patience, understanding, and humor. It may be the thrill of the win, the adrenaline that drives some. It may be the teamwork and camaraderie that some enjoy. Accepting defeat and being a sportsman is not everyone’s piece of cake

Games for the sake of fun and competition are a ‘high’ for the lovers of such activities, deriving gains of aphrodisiacal proportions.

Knowing that you are being played with? Not so much fun.

How naive are we that we know not when we become pawns of bigger pictures. And even more deplorable, when knowingly, we keep mum even after seeing we are a mere dice in some people’s hands.

Why do we make such choices? Either there is no way for you to exit or you just let it slide. Or you don’t have the balls to resist, to call it quits, to confront.

I wonder why it helps to be played. I wonder how we live day after day trudging along wanting or not, getting thrown around in matches one after another.

Don’t have any idea why I do. Except. that I do. Live and play and get played.