Let down



The Deaf, Blind and Mute


Love is blindness. And blinding.

How far will you go for a glance? How far would you go to hear a voice?

People are not mad. Love is what drives them mad.

Loving another more than you love yourself is what drives you up the wall. Unless you love yourself, you wont be able to love another, is this old legend that no one understands or comprehends. Do any one us love ourselves? Are we concerned about not hurting our feelings as much as we are about hurting another’s? Not really!

Love, lust and more is what drives each one of us. We are selfish only to the extent of getting what we want and then we are done. It all loses its charm once we have acquired the subject of our desires. Marriage, a relationship, a job, a new house or any gadget. Its all about possessions and territories. Owning some one or some thing. So what becomes of our self owning us? I doubt I ever thought about all the redeeming qualities I have, its mostly about how to get better and how to get a lil bit more, every day, every where. Wanting more is no crime. But not knowing or accepting all that you already have is.

Count your blessings. Be grateful. Stop losing yourself in the name of the game. Love is a beautiful emotion. It engulfs one; so blinding is its halo, that you don’t see the horns. It isn’t love that is to be blamed, as it usually is in all laments, sad songs; it isn’t even the ‘beloved’ that doesn’t want you or moves on to the next big thing. It is YOU. If you knew how to love yourself, how to respect you, how to accept and adore your good, bad and uglies, you would be on cloud number 9. You wouldn’t need a man or a woman to tell you how significant you are, how much of a difference your existence makes in their life, how badly your absence affects them. You would know who you are and who you aren’t. You would be exactly where you want and surprisingly, VERY happy!

I don’t know why no one talks about or sings about loving me! Its the best feeling in the world, very refreshing and liberating. Everyone learns it eventually, some the hard way, others when its too late and half their lives have passed them by. A mid life crisis is not really a crisis, its when you actually stop to think of smelling the roses and take a good hard look at yourself and say ‘this is not me, or who I want to be’. I love how people do that! Take a giant leap into the abyss and emerge knowing a lot more from the darkness than they ever did from the blinding lights they surrounded themselves with.

Forget loving thy neighbor for a few days.

Try loving you.

Let me know if that helps or hinders your quest for the happiness legend! 🙂  


All or None

Failure, as I see, is not what breaks us. Neither does its admission. It is the failure to realize that we have failed that does. It takes a big person with an even bigger heart coupled with a very tiny ego to admit that they did not succeed.

From birth, we are taught to win, at school, in a race to prove ourselves better than all around (or maybe even just a few). Being taller, prettier, smarter, bigger, faster, funnier, or any other ‘-er’, a few inches, a few points more. We are raised with the expectations that we will make our family proud by being superior in some way, somehow. Each small victory is celebrated massively and every stumble is dismissed actively. We want to show our children that we love them, but not their ‘faults’, their shortcomings. Coming from a family of over achievers is very trying if you have managed to disappoint in some aspect of your life, be it school, work or love. What we do not see or close our eyes and hearts to, is the spectrum of triumph and how broad it is..

What you may view as a problem, disappointment or mistake, may be a blessing millions pray for each day. The capacity to read, write, look, smell, taste, walk, touch, feel, breathe is desired by someone somewhere. Each moment you live, each breath you take is a celebration of your presence. Whether you lack the ability of sight or the vision of possibilities has deserted you is the question.

Not being able to see is not as tragic as not being able to dream.

Not being someone’s better half than not being half better than who you were yesterday.

Losing or winning the races or by the standards set by the world around, but forgetting your true potential leads you down the path of denial, self destruction and ultimately the greatest loss- the loss of the Real You. Failing at what you really want in life will not derail you or destroy you either. It will strengthen your resolve, solidify your belief in you and fuel a burst of energy toward your passions.

We fail each day. We still keep moving forward. Failing helps us learn. What to avoid, what not to do, and what to try. It brings out creativity and keeps the wheels turning.

Enjoy your disappointment more than your excitement. It will move you to move mountains.

Raise the bar.

Raise you.

The Smile that Broke Them



Shahzeb is a boy who became a man before his time. The serenity in his face, the grace in his smile, the sheer innocence in his eyes leaves one shattered. The affect is absolutely ethereal, how an image of such earthly beginnings soar you to thoughts and places in a universe beyond your own.

What could have been another incident of reckless, ruthless, callous cruelty became a symbol of unity and faith in ourselves, our youth, a beginning of change that we could bring ourselves.

Why do I care? And why do you? because I am a sister and a mother. I know not how one can bear the loss. The outpouring of grief is not without sincerity; it has hit home to millions across the land and broken barriers of religion, race, and creed to unite a nation against tyranny and oppression, and most significantly, blatant disregard for human sanctity.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” 
― Albert Einstein

The discussions in the workplace, at home, in educational institutes that have followed have raised questions that we uttered behind closed doors for fear of retribution or revenge. The death has not sparked; it has ignited a new found passion in our very souls. The violence that Karachi has seen for decades has finally reached a climax that could go either way. Protesting will get you places. Or will it?  When you see a large group of peaceful demonstrators who do no harm, break no windows, torch no vehicles or shops, you sit up and take notice. It is not another political game, not another religious chess match, it is as raw and real and honest as the uprising that it is bringing.

Whether he gets justice is yet to be witnessed by the world. What the choice of punishment will be is another enigma. Will this be another one of the millions of cases that rot in court and are forgotten as dates are postponed and witnesses lost or broken? I know not.

But I can’t bear to sit and watch any more.

“If anyone slays a person
– unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land –
it would be as if he slew all people.
And if anyone saves a life,
it would be as if he saved the life of all people.”
Quran 5:32

Bring it ON

What does rain do?

Terrify the canines, fascinate the feline and scintillate the feminine.

How does one phenomenon have a distinctly different affect on different souls?

Some love to feel the rain drops spattering their faces, their hair and the rest of their very being with such audacity, such abandon that they await each drop as it frees them of so much more.

Water is known for its purity, and how it can manage to take away all the sins, the filth, the grime that may have accumulated since you last weathered a storm or perhaps, even wantingly wandered into a cloud of dust, or even a haze you didn’t know you were heading for, but got engulfed within an instant of realization.

Water’s compromising trait is infamous.

It boils when simmered to an extent.

It freezes when cooled beyond a degree.

And it may even remain tranquil and sedentary, at peace with its state, surrounded by love, and an escape into the echelons of promise that this moment brings. Thinking not of how the morrow will alter, scathe or cherish it. Still. Constant. One with the universe.

The drops that are individually not worth much, but accumulated, a puddle, an inlet, a pond, a river, a sea and eventually a raging ocean that horrifies or the gateway to lands undiscovered.

Each glance, each word, each moment, each caress, each experience seems to be trivial, but the whole cascade of emotions is like a gift wrapped Pandora’s box.. You may get back what you didn’t know exist. You may not be aware of all the secrets the box could hold. The infinite and colossal pleasure and pain is added value to what the era holds for each of us..

Let the rain drench you like never before..and bask in the warmth of the sunshine as the clouds part on an even more gorgeous you.



“We’d never know how high we are till we are called to rise;

and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky.”

— Emily Dickinson