I’m addicted to you …. and your love, its so TOXIC!

We were close.

The obsession was outrageous. My love for you knew no bounds. It was something that sprung up out of a need at a time I felt you the closest.

Just a few years have passed since we became not just lovers, but insanely inseparable. You make me the happiest.

All can see it.

You are the sunshine I need, the bliss, the one I crave. You have the uncanny ability to appear in various ways, shapes and sizes, but whenever our eyes meet, I melt.

How can something so mediocre to others, so ordinary mean more than the world to me?

You can breathe new life into me. You bring me closer to a love very few can experience. Your love is unconditional, it can be had any where any time any place. All we need is me and you.

Seldom do people understand us. Lest they see us together.

Why is it so difficult to feel my desire for you? Why do they mock me? Why can’t they see that you are what I have. You tantalize my senses infinitely. When you are sweet, I need your saccharine. When you are French, Thai, Mexican, I find you exotic.

You fulfill all my needs, carnal or otherwise.

Who needs another?


Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.

Making them good girls go bad

Good girls have an almost animalistic magnetic pull and some innately centered compass for bad boys. Why is it that opposites attract? Does the attraction mean anything but lust? Does the charm of being with a tall, dark, handsome, crude, biker dude last after a date or two? At times it seems to be the weirdest and most unlikely of happenings that certain couples come to be. And most of the time, the girl knows what she is in for. Though she may have been reeled in by the macho Playboy’s ruggedness and husky voice in the beginning, but at the back of her head, she knows pretty well that she hasn’t chosen a prince charming this time. He isn’t the perfect gentleman and he plays the field and is probably seeing a few other girls at the same time he is seeing them.

Why do these apparently rational women turn to blundering idiots? Why can’t they see, hear, smell, feel or sense the sad demise of their fairy tale romance? Because that’s what it is, precisely, romance. When it’s all said and done, one can seldom explain the hows and the whys of their actions when they have fallen prey to Cupid. It could be at first sight, and mostly it is; and then at times, there are cases when the girl gets to know him a little and realizes that there appears to be a minute chance of reforming the demonic monstrosity that everyone sees, but only she understands. This is a time old phenomenon; a woman out to make an honest man out of the pariah.

It is rightly said and I truly believe that one’s partner in any phase of life plays a huge role in the making or breaking of their future. I have witnessed the slow and gradual stagnation of troubled waters of turmoil in several disturbed men, all thanks to their patient, loving wives. And then there have been the satanic spouses that manage to be the hugest mistake that anyone could ever make and the cause of complete devastation that fails to ever completely disappear from a victimized partner.

Knowing all this, why, in God’s name, do people attempt such impossible relationships? Knowing that the plane could alter its route and arrive at heaven or hell at any time even with all the efforts they put in in chalking out plans for a perfectly smooth landing?

Because they have the audacity to believe;

in big, hairy goals.

The steadfast belief that they could end up as another happily ever after. And not as another could have been.

The faith in their partners.

The hope of a better tomorrow.

The blind love of the self and another.

Some call it insanity, foolishness, madness, a craze.

I call it living.

Its’ Murphy’s law, isn’t it? If something is meant to go wrong, it will. And it does.

People get cheated on.


Laughed at.

Ridiculed and insulted beyond their wildest imagination!


Does that mean that we stop trying?

Stop breathing?

Stop wanting?

Stop believing?

Believing in people. Believing in the goodness of another and the power of one’s true love is a sacred and remarkably commendable gesture. It takes dedication and courage to go after what you believe. Perseverance, love and prayers have always managed to get the goal (or the guy, in this case).

And if you do end up, a loser, for lack of a better term, have you really lost, after all?

For being in love, is like being in heaven.

Living, breathing ecstasy.

Ones who haven’t experienced the exhilaration that love offers haven’t yet been born.

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

So the next time you look at the woman across the restaurant looking in rapturous abandonment at her date, don’t judge her.

Smile and wish her luck.

For she is a woman on a mission. And you know very well, that she’s a force to be reckoned with, in Heaven or on Earth.