Get up!



The Smile that Broke Them



Shahzeb is a boy who became a man before his time. The serenity in his face, the grace in his smile, the sheer innocence in his eyes leaves one shattered. The affect is absolutely ethereal, how an image of such earthly beginnings soar you to thoughts and places in a universe beyond your own.

What could have been another incident of reckless, ruthless, callous cruelty became a symbol of unity and faith in ourselves, our youth, a beginning of change that we could bring ourselves.

Why do I care? And why do you? because I am a sister and a mother. I know not how one can bear the loss. The outpouring of grief is not without sincerity; it has hit home to millions across the land and broken barriers of religion, race, and creed to unite a nation against tyranny and oppression, and most significantly, blatant disregard for human sanctity.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” 
― Albert Einstein

The discussions in the workplace, at home, in educational institutes that have followed have raised questions that we uttered behind closed doors for fear of retribution or revenge. The death has not sparked; it has ignited a new found passion in our very souls. The violence that Karachi has seen for decades has finally reached a climax that could go either way. Protesting will get you places. Or will it?  When you see a large group of peaceful demonstrators who do no harm, break no windows, torch no vehicles or shops, you sit up and take notice. It is not another political game, not another religious chess match, it is as raw and real and honest as the uprising that it is bringing.

Whether he gets justice is yet to be witnessed by the world. What the choice of punishment will be is another enigma. Will this be another one of the millions of cases that rot in court and are forgotten as dates are postponed and witnesses lost or broken? I know not.

But I can’t bear to sit and watch any more.

“If anyone slays a person
– unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land –
it would be as if he slew all people.
And if anyone saves a life,
it would be as if he saved the life of all people.”
Quran 5:32

Give it Up for 2013


What would you like to remember about this year?

The floods?

The end of the world?

The storms?

The revolutions? The breaking news? The break ups? The unions?

The new or the old?

Would you like to think of what hit you or what helped you?

Or would you rather not?

Instead would you enjoy the neighborhood gossip, the current (or not so much, anymore) affairs? Are you the type that likes to shut the world out and bury their head in a tiny burrow, the Big Ostrich Way? Or maybe forget all that you were a part of for a whole year, the career ups and lows, the exams you failed or aced, the happiness, the sorrow.. After thirty years of life on this planet, maybe, like me, you don’t care so much any more.. Life, as we know it, doesn’t change much over the years as we realise with the assuring, and at times painful yet steady, passage of time.

Life is as it was and as it always will be.

Its not always a lesson, its not always a gift. It is what you make of it.

A baby lost time and again is unforgettable, yet when you finally have one in your arms, you build a new beginning.

A move to a region you never knew of, becomes every day after a matter of months.

A friend you made just a month back could prove to be the best thing that could happen to you at this point of time.

A job that seems so incredibly boring becomes your routine and slowly grows on you.. even gets interesting.

A love lost feels like nothing today. It is not that you found another, its just that you don’t break apart any more at the mere thought of your time together.

Life goes on. Every year you think, I’m gonna have the best time EVER. And this time I will not do what I did before, I won’t be fooled, I won’t make the mistakes I have. Why do we forget that mistakes and experiences make us who we are! Why is everyday not the best? Do we expect too much of our surroundings and our selves?

I say, this year, my resolution is to let things flow, keep moving forward and LIVE.

Who cares about what you learned!

Stop analysing: yourself, your life, your past, your ideas, your next moves.

Grow up and see clearly, its a ride that gets bumpy and then gets fun, its a ride that has pit stops and clear stretches where you race ahead. Its a period of time that you wont get back.

This year won’t come back, neither will this moment.

So what will I do in 2013?  

No clue! But hell if I care today!