Difficult or Different- The humans of the work place

Who do you find difficult? Someone who is not your kind. Someone who disagrees. Someone who disturbs your peace.

Each of us is created unique. Knowing how to deal with the race is a task not many are adept at. What is the best way to learn any art or science? Practice, grasshopper. That is what each of our teachers tell us, whether it is your elementary homeroom teacher or Malcolm Gladwell, author of the Outliers, who goes in in depth details of the mastery of a skill and the 10,000 hours rule.

How does one practice managing a bunch of unreasonable (according to you) persons? Why, by meeting more and more people! Simple as ABC. The more people you interact with and know, the better your chances of adapting new and innovative ways of talking, convincing, comprehending them.different-races

Being patient and a good listener will also play a role in your growth as a more emotionally intelligent team member.

Knowing your own strength, weakness and how you project both is important. Showing off or being snotty will annoy people around you and create a snowball of negative roller coaster speeding downhill. Rationalizing your faults would do worse.

Finding out about other cultures, doing your homework about customs is advisable when interacting regionally or globally. The more you know, the more respectful your responses, the less chances of hurting or offending workers across borders.