Happy Indifference Day!

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August 14, 2011, Pakistan’s 65th birthday.  The Holy month of Ramadan- the same month in which our beloved country came into existence. Now, given the state of turmoil that our country is in these days, it was always going to be too much to ask for one, single, peaceful day- a day without any suicide bombings, killings, or riots. And so it happened- on the day of our 65th independence anniversary, bomb blasts took away innocent lives in the province of Baluchistan.

Such killings have become quite the norm in our country and no one even cares anymore about them. So much so that when we’d hear about them on the news, we’d just say,

“….Oh! That’s so sad. Too bad that it happened. ……So, um, yeah, I was saying that Sheldon really rocked the show in last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, didn’t he? This guy is…

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  1. Juzer Ali · January 5, 2016

    Wow! What an honor and a pleasant surprise! Thanks, Sarz!

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