Do things affec…

Do things affect you?




Or lack of?

I have another long trip ahead of me and nothing to look forward to. I miss my family and friends though I have some to keep me company but I want to share the views, the smells, the tastes, the incessant cold! The freezing of my fingertips and toes. The redness of the leaves, the tall trees, the scary mountain trails.

No one took me places. I always wanted to travel and see and feel and discover. And now that fate is taking me some where, I am passive.

I wish I had the audacity and guts to go and explore the towns myself instead of waiting impatiently in my hotel room for some one to pick me and show me around..

I wished I could travel. I am. I have. Its made me want more. And appreciate more too. Its made me see so much and feel so much too. Its grown me more than anything else.

The stenches and the sunlight. The dust and the peace.

Everything affects us. Today and forever. Each of our trips and days spent shape us. All of our meetings, spontaneous or planned, lengthy or minuscule, scar us. Some to fade away, some to remain etched deep in the endless abyss of our being.

And then there’s tomorrow.


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