There’s nothing about you!

Nothing at all.

No magnetism, no electricity, no spice. No warmth, no concern, no feelings.

You seem cold. You look aloof, stand offish. You don’t stand out. You don’t excite. You don’t tantalize.

You don’t anything.

And yet you do.

You invoke a need- to breathe, to focus, to dare. You speak of harshness and logic and reason and rationale.

You lie, your eyes don’t. You seem ruthless, almost assassin like.

Yet your eyes fear.

You are nothing but a child. You have seen and heard and survived hell. You have lived. You have a tale to tell. You talk but you don’t, really. Why are You silent? Why don’t you speak?

You want to save everyone. You want to not let one suffer.

You love no one and you love everyone. You know pain and loss. You are hardened- Still crumbling inside. Shattering again and again till there’s nothing left to break.

You are a broken man Who needs no help, who needs no one.

And yet You do.

You need, you want, you crave.

Not me. Not today. Not now.

But you do.

And I so hate.

I hate that I love you.



  1. James Scott · July 10, 2015

    Nice writing

  2. hussam · July 16, 2015

    I read your writing and you become my source of inspiration. Amazing thoughts (y)

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