My parents are nice people. ..not necessarily nice to each other – but to their credit they taught us some fundamentals like ‘Respecting other people’s privacy’,  ‘Leaving some things to God’ and ‘Not dictating terms to rishtaydaars because well -why bother with their ugly children?’

Pakistani women don’t have Reddit accounts and lack of computer literacy also displays itself everywhere beyond the Facebook realm because you don’t find any informative websites updating young sheltered children on the harsh realities of domestic life.  Which is why coming from an urban, Urdu speaking family, I found myself painfully ill equipped dealing with susraali rakh rakhaos and emotion management. I blame my parents for that. My father is outright obnoxious. If he thinks some relative is over stepping their boundary, he very conveniently refuses to sit in the drawing room & entertain their advice/opinion on his life. Grudgingly, I have to admit that’s…

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