Looking No More


Seven days.

It takes five to make a living, take classes or take care of the family and the last two (or are they the first?!), to end the week.

What do you search for every waking hour? What do you dream of every night? Is there a connection between the real and the make believe? The reality is all that you see, breathe, touch and feel. Then what of how you think, and ‘feel’?

Is the pain of a heart break any less than one from a broken toe?

Dreams may seem to be figments of your imagination, but they may be actual clues to what your mind, your brain is telling you when your eyes are wide shut what you don’t let it during the daytime.

Maybe we need to stop wondering what everyone says means or why and how we will make things work. Stop looking and searching outside for what is already within us. Reach out and channel our inner flame and light up the universe with it.

Walk up to yourself and embrace who you are and who may be or may not.



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