To Err Not Very Human


What keeps you making the same mistake again and again? Is it even a mistake if you are repeating it? Have you thought of the possibility of perhaps your subconscious doing it all on purpose? Maybe you enjoy the pain and hurt or have found this channel of punishing yourself for something you believe is your fault.

It is definitely no coincidence if you consistently err, following a similar pattern or put yourself in similar circumstances time and time again. Even a toddler learns to not touch a hot cup of tea once he has felt its scalding heat on his tiny fingers. We are a learned specie or that’s how we would like to believe we have evolved, from the Dark Ages, through centuries of revolutions to be who we are today. Presumably, a more refined, polished, cautious being. Snobbish, even, if you will.

We are better.

Or the best among all those that inhabit the planet. 

Then how can such a smart, brainy living thing be so very foolish. It is not like we are told to walk a certain path, say what we do, or stopped from what we want to do. Free will reigns supreme! 

Susceptible to heart ache? I doubt that. We let ourselves be hurt. Our primary goal ought to be to defend and safeguard what’s our own instead of fretting over the pain of another. This is in my opinion, the foremost contributing factor in the vicious circle of failures in our lives.

Selfish much?

Idiots that are broken again and are not self centered enough, I say!

What is it that you will get out of it? Recourse what you seek? Companionship? Or just a chance to while away a little bit of that pent up energy or time?

Think of what YOU need, what YOU want. Forget about the rest. If its working out for you, if you believe and feel that this is a leap that you can make, then do. Mistakes are made when you let the world guide you.

Errors in judgement are not your inner voice’s fault.

Its you refusing to listen to your voice that results in disaster.

Wise up, literally. What you know about yourself, no one else does or ever can. The gut feeling that you have is your best guide for making decisions that you wont regret. The radar that has been sharpened over the years will tell you all. 

Doubt not the self, but the doubt that the self whispers at you. 








One comment

  1. hussam · February 24, 2013

    whenever I read your your articles , it keeps on sparking many feelings such as, encouragement in my heart. some places I read and that produced sudden feeling of excitement.
    truly masterwork !!

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