Lesson No 1

foodmenu_kids-nuggets_friesLittle things make children happy. The littlest of what you expect can bring a real smile that reaches the eyes and its such a surprise, a shock, even a startling discovery to see how a simple thing can be made beautiful. My kindergartner loves K & N’s Fun Nuggets, one of the very few things that he has accepted for the past few years as a staple in his diet. I discard all the notions of fried food/junk food that is synonymous with processed. frozen foods such as the said product, as long as my fussy boy is eating. Frankly, it is the only protein item he adores and can never get enough of, morning, noon or night. When a short while back, I explained to him the shapes meant something and he saw the TVCs of the ducky, dolphin and dinosaur, he was hooked for life.

A few months back, the company came up with a new promotional campaign that explained how kids could just send the envelope and form inside the Economy Packs and get a fun poster and the three characters as well, and this excited him beyond his Ben 10 obsession. It was a very simple act, and once he received that simple posted reply, he was the proudest ever to feel so adult at having signed his name on the form and miraculously getting one his most prized possessions which is still taped to his bedroom door so very proudly. He took pics and actually asked to have them posted on Facebook so that his cousins in NY could see his new ‘present’. It was very pleasant to see how this made him feel grown up.

Last week, his interest was struck by the latest campaign that says the same thing on billboards and in the TVC, get a free 3D mug! Today, after much cajoling, on his part, ofcourse, I got him a large box of Fun Nuggets and as soon as we got home, he stripped the pack open and was so very overjoyed to see the same cellophane wrapped envelope, and sat down very seriously with a ball pen to sign his name again, when I read the directions which said that you had to attach 5 bar codes of 5 empty packs of the product in order to get the ‘free’ mug. His crestfallen face was heartbreaking to behold as I gently explained to him it would take 4 more boxes to do this and he got quiet and asked me innocently, ‘but Mama, they didn’t tell us or we would have bought 5, right?’

If Brands today have decided to actually target the market that their products are catered towards, perhaps they should then not indulge in activities that leave a bad taste in the mouth. I study Marketing, Sales Management, Advertising, and all that. I know that generating sales and numbers are what all campaigns ( or most ) are aimed at. I know, I get that. Its all about numbers, that’s the name of the game. But when it comes to kids, the game ought to change, perhaps? Or maybe, this is just me, a mom, who thinks so. When we market our products or services, the aim is not just to make money, but also to retain and foster a relationship with our customers. They are the single most important element in the entire business arena, commerce. One disgruntled customer will give you a lot more than a happy one. A bad rep, along with insane amount of talk that is bound to affect peer groups. A happy one will give you a sale. An unhappy one will take away more than a few 0s on your annual reports.

What ever happened to good old ethics? What ever happened to delivering on your promise? What ever happened to delighting your customer?

Perhaps, this may seem like the ranting and raving of a bored mommy to you, but to me and a whole lot of others out there, tonight proved to be a sad day. A day when my son did NOT ask for his all time favorite lunch the next day. A day when he learned how the world will rip you off, too early in his almost 6 years, for my liking, but, yes a lesson.

Thank you, K & N’s for helping him ‘grow up.


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