Help me! Help me! I’m all out of lies………

Vampires, spiders, ghosts, the darkness.

A fire, unemployment, loneliness, a breakup.

Revenge, sickness, loss.

That’s what scares. Some are terrified and held captive by their fears, material or otherwise. You don’t want anything so fickle to take your breath away or drive you out of your mind, but that is what happens, time and again. No matter how hard you try, how much you gulp in gallons of air, it rarely dies, at least not so easily or swiftly as you would want it to. When you are a child, you are terrified by the dark, or being forgotten or being around the strange/ unknown. As you grow up, the fears alter, some remain, others magnify, and still a few disappear and seem laughable. And some more appear out of thin air.

It is said that our hopes and fears can help define us and play a huge role in our being who we are.

What if you fear YOU?

What if it were difficult, or perhaps impossible for you to get close to yourself? 

It is a task, believe you me.

Knowing yourself, the real you. We are capable beings, I admit. But how far can you go? What peaks can you scale? What ARE you able to achieve and how hard will you bother to try to get there?

Can you face yourself when you wake up and sleep soundly when you lay in bed each night? If not, why? If you know why, how hard is it to breathe in and out, exhale all your remorse, a breath at a time.

Drown out all the voices that do not let you. Widen your horizons of happiness, narrow your bandwidth of sorrows. 

Wave it all goodbye. It may be that you enjoy the pleasure this pain gives you. You may have gotten used to the self pity that you have for your mistakes, errors in judgement and sins( big or small). Brave the cold wind and embrace yourself. 

Who are you, really? 

Know who you are or no one else will. 

Stop being an enigma, that’s the least you can do for your soul.

Be one and see how the universe applauds and gives back, bit by bit, a miracle at a time.




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