E-mail is not a…

E-mail is not a weapon.

Nor is it a replacement for an honest, face to face conversation that is worth more than the carefully chosen and politically correct words that are supposed to suffice.

We can’t text our way into anyone’s heart. Or tweet our ex out of our existence.  Even public displays of Facebook affection aren’t what they used to be anymore.

Why is technology replacing all the good old ways of loving, hating, fighting, or to cut to the chase–living!?

Must one accept the countless b’day wishes on their wall from people one expects to hear from atleast once a year, or the one’s that you haven’t any connection whatsoever with, but choose to send you elaborate wishes? Is Facebook a way of eliciting relationships? Can twitter end things? Or even start them? 

I know of a couple that met on Orkut and stayed ‘connected’ for 7 years, enough to meet in Dubai, and get married in Lahore, the guy hailing from Lucknow, but residing in Australia, while his parents settled in Jeddah. Now, THAT’s the best example of a global village!

Take Gossip Girl; a show that shows how an unknown infernal ‘gossip’ website can wreak havoc in all the lives of the with it people, it manages to so and much much more. It seems quite ridiculous to see people chasing, tailing their victims and show ‘sightings’, or does it? Isn’t that the same way most of the Western world’s celebs have to live, and isn’t this vile phenomenon fast taking over the neighboring and our own nation? It won’t be long before no one will have any privacy, and might be tracked anytime by anyone. Checking in on FB might be the ‘cool’ thing to do, but is it safe? How many Maya Khan vigil-aunties will it take to make our teeny boppers realise that this is not a world of rainbows, daisies and pina coladas, but a very dangerous and in fact highly disgusting place of birth? There are very few people who want the best for you. The rest are blood sucking leeches waiting for an op to zone in on you and your vulnerabilities, whether they are material or otherwise.

 What is the solution to all this cacophony of gadgets, new age ways and constant need for attention from random strangers? I have no answer. One can find out almost everything about you on the internet, regardless of however many privacy settings you tighten, or however much of a recluse you become. If not you, then the idiot on the next table might upload your pic from their Androidy apps. There is no sense of ethics and morals left in us. We need refresher courses on that in our schools, and conferences and cafes. No one has the right to use technology to defame, expose or flaunt anyone.   

I remember my secondary school teacher told us of her Each One Teach One reading program, in which each one of us had to teach one underprivileged individual. Perhaps we need a version of that. Each one of us teach one of us the importance of human touch, human emotions and actual humans. And human invasion of privacy.

Would you want to be caught naked in front of your parent in the streetlight? Think twice before embarking on a journey that you can’t tweet back from.



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