Devastation. *yawn*

What do Katrina, Sandy, Tsunami mean?

Where did these names come from and how did they become iconic in this day and age of infrastructure, technology and virtualization?

Are we not a specie that has all the answers? Are we not above the rest of the universe when it comes to recovery, security and safety of our assets, our lives, our destinies?

Is everything meant to be the way it has always been? People change, things change. We are more volatile, less predictable than the weather, the storms, the hurricanes, the earthquakes that wreak havoc. How do we find these forces of nature terrifying and not our neighbors and colleagues so? You have seen it everyday. A man blows up for no apparent reason at an absolute innocent bystander. Has happened to me time and again. The first time it happens, you are taken aback, you just try to get a grip on your senses, your words, your open mouth! It is really very embarassing and at times insulting for the person on the receiving end of the tirade. It could be your boss, your spouse, your bud, anyone! It happens in a moment and you know not what to do differently. You never saw it coming. Is it something you said? you did?

Or you didn’t say? or didn’t do?

Its shocking, but once you come to terms with it, you try to reason, perhaps she’s having a bad day. Maybe he was venting. Or you may get aggravated and retort back, similarly. That is also not something you plan, it just happens. It IS a reaction, can’t be blamed.

Why did this all seem any different from the Sandiness? Isn’t that the universe’s way of waking us up? The tornados, the floods, the earthquakes. They are not what they seem to be. They terrify you. You watch the destruction from afar. You follow it with fascination via youtube, CNN, and you tell stories to distract your kids as they watch the death and pain. Why? What ever for? I know most of us don’t think twice untill its someone we know or love that is hit. Will it take another of the wraths for this to get onto your thick heads? It isn’t another time, another era. It is 2012. It is now. The year that has changed the face of the earth. Literally.

For them and for me. A year of reckoning.

Let go of all that you held on to.

Move the heavens and earth.

Stop the madness. Give peace a chance.

Within you. A moment at a time.

No one’s coming for you. No one’s waiting at the door. There never will be.

Wake up and smell the caustic air. Don’t let it burn anyone else anymore. Make peace. Find your life jacket. Take solace.

Before you are blown away too..



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