Hunger Games

It was just a while back that this obsession began. The thirst for knowing and understanding was a new feeling, alien, truly.

Now I can’t get enough, can’t get sated.

Its true the more you learn, the more you want, yearn even. Once you know how erotically a peach tastes, then only will your mouth crave its tantalizing your entire self.

Who would have thought that a ‘dumb blond’ would even look twice at what is integral to the workings of a business? Who had the audacity to let her believe that she could contribute and make a difference in the lives of those around her; ones, who don’t look twice at her, lest she ‘smokeys’  her eyes up..? Maybe she needed a push, a shove and a guiding hand in the direction that she is now trying to take. It’s so shocking that what was a year ago an aggravation, is now a part of the landscape.

Things do come full circle. People grow, and change. Some for the better, some become the most painful beings.

I understand. I sympathise. I feel. Their pain. Their anger. Their love. Their animosity. I may not be the best advisor, but I hear them.

Like few others do.

Why do I bother? Is it my duty at work? Is it me?

This isn’t an attempt at sainthood. Mother Teresa, I ain’t.

I know how I feel. I need someone to hear me.

Not listen, hear.

I don’t need you to understand or feel my agony or give me suggestions. Just hear me buzz away like an annoying fly in your ear. Hear me drone. That’s all. Don’t solve my problems, I can help myself. Offer me when I ask.

I am just giving what I WANT to receive. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even if I don’t make a difference in 650 people’s lives, I may make it in 3’s.

We need to learn to believe that we are a nation. Believers in our abilities. Believe that you can succeed. If you want to get your targets, if you need to buy a bike, if you are saving up for your anniversary, if you are wanting a hug tonight. Believe that you can!

And help me believe so can I.

Dreaming is everyone’s right. Let me dream a little dream tonight…


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