Dancing in the Dark


Noticing you, noticing me? 

An absolutely creepy feeling. That is, if you are almost a decade younger and actually and truly a CHILD in my eyes. Do men know and realize that women have an acute and absolutely prophetic sense when it comes to guys checking them out? Its like we can feel your eyes before we even catch you..

Seriously, get a life!

Try listening, or even talking rather than scouring us upside down.

What is truly priceless is that its a room full of people your age and you love trying to catch a person’s eye who can see your obscurity a mile away. She’s smarter, elder and way out of your league. Perhaps you’re shy. Perhaps you want in. Perhaps you feel left out.


Don’t buy it.

I may seem like I’m ignoring you or maybe the fact that you are also stripping another while you get a chance, and thank god, she’s atleast in the same age hemisphere as yours! 

So why is it ok for a female to be with an older man and not vice versa? Cus its just plain disgusting! All you are in it for, is a chance. At what! I am totally rolling my eyes at you, sweety pie!

Enjoy the fact that these pretty, nice girls have still not gotten used to the way you look at them or figured out what the stare means. Maybe you yourself don’t know it yet. That’s lust. And that too, a very sinister one. You will chew women up and spit em out. Right, left and center!

A few days, a few weeks, a few months, the chase may be fun but it will always end in the same low, cheap manner. Because I know the breed you are. I know you all so very well. Its a wisdom that comes from a lifetime. All of us have it, its something god blessed us with at birth, and just because we seem to ignore you and give you a chance to be friends, or maybe something more, that doesn’t mean we trust you in all entirety. We are just giving God an opportunity to prove use wrong. Just maybe. You may grow up. You may get bored of your visceral needs and give us a humane shot at normalcy.

Maybe. But not today.

So, go, fly away. Shoo! 

We don’t dance to the same tune twice.


One comment

  1. Khurshid Sadiq · November 21, 2012

    hmmm..deep thoughts,interesting and quite true

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