What do you centre your thoughts on? What is it that you think of when you wake up?

What to wear, what to look for, what to avoid, what to aim for?

What is it that brings your day to a halt?

What do you want or need? Wanting and needing are two so different desires. Needing is deep inside, starvation is the root for it. Want is thought driven, not survival based. So do you NEED a coke or WANT one?

We need so much, but are afraid to want it. Scared to even say it, let alone make any efforts to go and get it. FH needs to be rational, reasonable and real, he chooses to opt for the oblivion. AM needs to forget what everyone sees and pushes at her, and do what it takes to look past all the expectations and aim for a higher cause, a higher place. S doesn’t get that life can be much much happier if she learns to accept what she has and not want what another does. She needs to be grateful, for one day, she may lose it all and then she would know what real pain is. R doesn’t see what’s right in front of her and needs her utmost attention, but never asks for it, she opts to go to the wailing banshee that is none but that- a soul that has nothing but screams inside her that come out all the time and deafen all around her.

Why is it difficult for us to see those that need us more than those that ask for help? Is it their fault that they would rather not ask, and let things go and bear more than their share?

Should we think of all that we can do or all that we should? Ability and choice are two very different entities. I CAN jump from the top of the cliff, I DO not. Yes, I can look him in the eye and tell him all that he deserves to hear. I don’t. I should not.

We are creatures of fault. Making mistakes is in our DNA. That is why we are not saints. Except for a select few. What should we focus all efforts of our being on? Today? Now? Tomorrow? Forever?

Someday? It truly does never come.

Focus on today or now. Think how it would improve. Make each decision based on what was or what could be, look at the past, learn, look for the future, strive for it.

No one loves a hater, a sadist. Never have, never will.

I can’t be a motivator, or a lover lest I am motivated or loved or love. If I don’t know how to love, I CAN not. I don’t have the ability to. Loving is a task. It requires a lot more than the hugging, kissing, the words, the gifts. It requires your whole being, your concentration, your trust, your commitment and your WANT.

Focus on what or who you should love today. And love.

Don’t regret what you didn’t. Concentrate all your efforts on the love that you find missing in your life and go give it to one worthy of it all. Its not necessary for you to be loved forever by your lover. You may not always be together. It is not always meant to be. Make it not about the eternity, but the todays that you can.

Concentrate with your whole self and desire for what you need. The universe DOES conspire to get you what you need. Its just that you don’t always know what you need, so choose wisely; if you do make a mistake, aim higher next time. Raise the bar.

They do not measure God with His true measure when they say: “God would not send down anything to a mere human being.”… (Surat al-An’am, 91)


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