Beautiful Things- 30 shades of Black

Beauty is relevant.

It is also subjective. What may be a thing of beauty to you may not be to another. It depends on how you see things around you. It is also dependant on the inside of you. Not what is outside you, surrounding you, but what is engulfing you and asphyxiating you and maybe even liberating you.

We see things how we see ourselves. 

It isn’t the rain or shine that alters our mood, it is US that alter the clouds or rays.. 

If happy, you may forgive, forget random, specific, all and sundry.

If I’m happy, yup you know it. But if I’m happy, my atmosphere suffers too. It must endure my inexplicable secretive smile and glinting eyes. My unconstrained joy may be all too evident and even make the dirty, grubby, muddiness around me totally gorgeous and stunning. 

Yes, there are beautiful things around me. But only cus I see the beauty.

There are greys and blues too, but I choose not to see or feel them, instead I wanna see the black and shades that the black could have. Not white, not pure, but raw and malignant.



There are too many of the ugly evils that we can see, why not escape their monopoly and escape into the oblivion of the momentary and the always present bliss that is in me, and in you. 

30 is my number of alters of the color scheme.  What’s yours?



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