Close your eyes

There are different sides to each individual. Every one has his own Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde moments. Depends on which side you want to concentrate your focus on. You might see one as a messiah and another as a pariah.

Its all about your perspective.

Some are seen all over as the worst, evil incarnate while others are the purest of souls, the saintly godsends. Is it really as black and white as this? Have you found your own judgement doubtful? I have seen how the most pious of beings end up doing things in just minute instances that wash away years and decades of their halos in seconds.. and the satans among us become absolutely something that you could never believe before lest you looked deep in their eyes and found what you never had bothered to notice: kindness, compassion, empathy.

Why do we feel like we have to live up to what our impression is in the eyes of those around us! Why do we feel afraid to venture out and do the right or the wrong?

What are we afraid of?

How we would look?

How they would see us?

The ones who don’t see you already, never will. And the ones who do, won’t change their mind so randomly. You are who you are and you may err or succeed.

If you don’t play the game, you may never win. You may not even lose.

If you don’t play, you aren’t in the game, are you?

Learn to bleed and shine. Learn to let others be. Give them a chance. Give your selves too.

Close your eyes and then watch. You may see what you never did before…


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