A 100 million reasons: I’m happy and You know it!

Happiness is defined as ‘a : a state of well-being and contentment : joy.’ or  ‘b : a pleasurable or satisfying experience’ by Merriem Webster.

Why would there be any joy, if it weren’t for sadness? How would I realize the significance of one when I would have it always? If there is lack of happiness, or satisfaction, one comes to know what it means to have what one lost.

Is it a weakness to be translucent? To have it made obvious in your face, your eyes, your demeanour what you feel like at any given point of time. For some it is their greatest fault. For some, their strength. It may not be the best ‘corporate’ look. But it may exhibit your honesty, straight forwardness and even your vulnerability. Some brave the cold, the harshness by being who they are, what they are made apparent to everyone.

It came up in a casual communication among like minded souls who were trying to help each other look out for pot holes in the road that we are crawling, walking, running upon. I was told to practice the Art of Stonefaced-ness.   No one around you should be able to gauge what’s in your heart or mind. Your thoughts and feelings should be yours to control and show. Then, and then alone will you  be able to succeed in any and every facet of your life. Why is it that we do this? What gives birth to this concept? Growing up, you are told ‘boys don’t cry’, ‘don’t smile so much, you will seem flirtatious’! Each age bracket, each gender, and each gesture is cauterized, butchered, and literally assaulted into the many random meanings they could portray. Why aren’t we left to our innocence? Why must everything be subliminal or hypocritical or bureaucratic?

I never did learn to do any sort of such self disciplining acts. I am happy and you know it, it’s everywhere around me. It’s what brings the spring in my step, the bounce in my hair, the glint in my eyes, the uncontrollable grin that breaks up randomly!

I don’t even look for the Big Picture and all that nonsense!

I don’t CARE!

I’m happy ‘cus I got a good grade, I’m happy ‘cus I saw a pretty flower, I’m happy ‘cus they looked adorable together, I’m happy ‘cus I am!

There may be one reason or none.

There may be a hundred or a million.

I’m happy and I know it, why shouldn’t you?

When I’m happy and you DO, I just share a piece of me worth sharing, no?






  1. Khaliq Batla · August 24, 2012

    I am actually happy to read this blog!


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