Living On The Top of ‘IT’




How do people manage to live on the top when they are so down and blue? Simple, don’t let IT get to you.

IT could be an irritable spouse, an angry boss, a silly passer by that just funked you out. IT could be the girl that just doesn’t give you the time of the day, when all you want is her to give you all her days. IT may be the wish that you been wanting come true for so very very long, and it seems that God’s too busy otherwise resolving the world peace and religious harmony shenanigans.. IT may or may not be something happening that you don’t want, perhaps you will find moments after or years later that IT is always meant to be, for better or for worse. 

It was Fahd who taught me what a Santa may look like, the way his eyes lit up each time you came around. It was Ayesha who showed me how strong and fun all women are and deserve more than the self pity that wallows in them along with the social pressure that engulfs them for reasons unbeknownst. It was Hur who exhibited an unrelenting drive to help others and not getting anything in return. It was Sabby who was sweet and silly yet very determined not to be overshadowed by all that her relations cast on all around her and refused to let her speak for more than her you-know-who represented. It was Hasan that drilled in an adorable sense of vulnerability behind the abrasive and sharp tongued façade. It was Murtaza’s obscene grin that helped all the troubles melt away the moment he said, Hey, beautiful! It was Vaneeza’s naivety at understanding her identity in a world of confusion. It was also ADK’s disgusting and tasteless comments at any time any place that gave me such patience, I can actually thank him for it this day. It was Bushra’s child like love for her spouse that whispered, against all odds, yes you can! It was Ramiz’s wise words that have changed my thoughts and how I channelise the thoughts to not think what they shouldn’t. It was Bilal who’s puppy dog look served as a constant motivation and spoke volumes of unconditional adulation. It was the songs that Fahad sang so reverently that kept me up and dreaming of a happier tomorrow. 

Get back up when you are down.

How do you reach the Top when you don’t begin the climb up today? 

Use all your strengths.

Your friends.

Your foes.

Your needs.

Your wants.

Use all the You and go with the flow. 

Live on. 

Forget what you did last night and what you don’t want to next week. Just gulp down the ale and believe in your beliefs. Refuse the innocence that she may offer or the wild times that he wants you to have. 

Flow like the water and adjust to the heat and evaporate or freeze with the cold. 

Love your condensation or vaporization. 

Love the You. No one else will. 



  1. Khurshid · July 19, 2012

    Interesting and positive outlook to life-great !!

  2. Bushra Syed · July 20, 2012

    Gosh..its awesome..hugss

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