Boys Will Be Boys

The Art of Selling is as elusive to the general public as the elixir of eternal youth or the Holy Grail. It is a science for some, a game of intuition, patience and stealth for others. There is a certain ingredient inherent in each and every successful salesperson. What exactly it is, is anyone’s guess. For some, persuasiveness, for others determined relentlessness and a never ending insane pursuit. The key to enduring relationships building in a business has always been reliance and trustworthiness for the word of a salesman along with the team work involved in delivering practical, needed solutions for consumers of any type, size or shape. We have seen examples of conglomerates, household names and even Houses of brands that have succeeded year on year for generations. It is a continuous focus on delivering more than they initially promise and incessantly continuing to do so that results in profits of such magnitude as well as the etching of their names, logos, essence in our minds any time, any where.

An informal luncheon with a group of sales minded mavericks helped dissipate some illusions and vagueness in me.

1. Salesmen have an attitude

Yup, absolutely! Its this very attitude and drive that is a qualitative factor in their target achievement. Why is it that Faysal H manages to exceed Mr. XYZ’s expectations? It is his attitude that sets him apart from the rest of the clan. How his cockiness contributes to his progression is an indescribable phenomenon that few can identify with. It is this very pride that he has enabled to come across as a confidence unshakable by ruthless executive decision makers he has won over. This attitude is responsible for his current and inevitable impeding altitude.

2. Selling is a man’s game

Well… this is a tricky one. If you think of women’s prowess at persuasion, you scoff at this myth. Women have proved to be ruthless and cut throat when push comes to shove. It is a game of wits and patience, and the femme fatales have been endowed with such traits that they silently enter your mind and take over it so effortlessly that you don’t even know what (or who) hit you and you will find that life without the lady (or her product/ service) seems desolate and impossible.

3. You can sell anything

Nope, you can’t. Not unless it stands for something. A brand that offers nothing would be worth even less. Salespeople, however crafty, are just a bag of air, if their offerings are useless. The winning brands are those which have changed lives, people and the way they think. Innovation, if in an arena that lacks substance, is of no consequence to the audience you aim to enthrall. Time and again products have been launched and gone bust as they offered no value to the consumer. A skilled salesperson is one who believes in the sales more than he believes in his faith.

4. Sales can be a one man show

Impossible. It is a process that involves an entire team and think tanks of the organization from pre sales to post sales with a dash of commitment and visionary resilience and foresight. The Atifs, the Waqases, the Arifs, or the Asads all know one undeniable fact- they are a team that thrives on synergy. The sum of the parts always ends up conjuring greater returns than that of separate wholes.

Selling is a different ball game altogether, boys. No amount of cajoling, training or pampering can alter your level of expertise, passion and exemplary conduct. Kudos to you for making your mark in a world where genuine visionaries are shunned. Thanks to you, our universe just got a tad more colourful.

Thanks to you, our world expects excellence.

Thanks to you, we know what excellence means.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
— Steve Jobs


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