Music Is My Life..


Music makes me happy.

It makes me want, feel, be.

It helps me be in another place, another time, any time, any where. It helps me soar to heights I didn’t know I could float towards. I know I am reliant on an art form for inspiration, escape and motivation which does seem quite immature and even blasphemous to many.


There is no one around when I want someone.

There are times when I need, I require, I pine for something bigger than myself. Yes, I am particularly very spiritual and believe in the Greatness and Omnipresence of the Almighty, everywhere, always. I am a believer, thank the Lord.

But, and there shouldn’t be a but, yes, I agree. I am human. I need to have a momentary instant of relief. There are times I feel sad, unfulfilled, exhausted, frustrated, and quite frankly, exasperated towards the world, the life, the people around me. I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, I want to jump off a cliff or push someone down a gaping valley.

If its the tunes and rhythms created by others as meaningless as myself that provide me an escape, solace, then so be it. The peace and hope that I get from being a devout Believer is no comparison for anything this universe can offer anyone. But I do wish for an outlet. This is mine. No harm, no foul?

It helps me concentrate when there’s a cacophony of noisy nonsense around me, or in my head.

It helps me stay focused, with my eye on the prize. It gives me a Method to The Madness.

It is an essential part of my life, and I wonder why it bothers others?

Is it harming you?

Is it a source of pain for you?

Will I be a worse person than I was a year back if I heard so much music?

I have done so much that is not ‘right’. So have you. We tell white lies, err, make mistakes, hurt others. We all sin. We are no saints. And if there’s this small prize I pay for sanity, then so be it. I know what I’m getting myself into. So do you…

What have you got that gives you peace? Is it right or wrong? What difference will it make to you in the years to come? Will it hinder or push you towards the path to a better tomorrow? Will it help you breathe better or serve to asphyxiate you?

Music is my life, What is Yours?



  1. Choudhry Bilal Mazhar · June 26, 2012

    lovd it 😉

  2. UberMens International ! · October 8, 2012

    My choice ov music is Chaos !.. not for every one !

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