Dream On!

Dreams are figments of our imagination, ramblings of our minds, our deepest desires, our biggest fears.

He says he never dreams, he is to be pitied.

How is it possible for one to not fear

or desire

or want

or think

or create in one’s mind/soul/conscience?

Some dream of pastures, fields, rivers, rainbows, mountain ranges, valleys, snowfall, babies, romance, hot fudge sundaes, a peek at the future that they would like to have or the past that they relive whether in the shape of nightmares or gorgeous events that made their lives so very beautiful.

My son asks me, what is a dream? He does talk in sleep, and laugh and cry and at times wake up with very funny, ridiculous and even terrifying queries, but he has yet to embrace the idea that a dream begins and ends in the course of a night or a nap. He has no idea where he is or why he isn’t where he was and who he was with a moment prior to awakening.

How do I explain to him that it is not real? Or is it not so? We live our entire lives believing in some dream or another. We crave for it. We strive for it. We may get what we dream of, or we may have a rude awakening (pun intended). It is the one who dreams the most and the longest who succeeds in the end. All of us have dreams, whether we recall them in the morning or not is beside the point. We DO dream!

At times, it is our conscience or a voice from above that whispers a warning of foreboding, or a prophecy of coming attractions.

“I want to write a book.”

“I want to help people!”

I want to be happy.”

“I don’t want this life anymore. I want change!!”

I, I , I!

And why not? For if we don’t think of ourselves, we may not be able to think of others. Satisfy your thirst before offering your chillata to another.

It was an extraordinarily enlightened gentleman with a beautiful smile who taught me a lesson that I may not forget for atleast sometime. RA asked what my aspirations are. As I told him, I realised what they all were. And at the resignation in my voice, his eyes enquired “what is stopping you from going out and getting it all, my dear?” 

As he aptly chalked out strategies, plans, set deadlines and provided me avenues for each and every one of the listed ‘to dos’, he converted each little wispy cloud of dreamy nothings into a concrete reality that could and very well might be mine, any day.

RA told me to do what is necessary and lucidly relayed the significance of allowing myself the pleasure of having faith in my own abilities and capacities. “Spend time with individuals who enrich your being, worry not of what their place in your life will be in a year’s time or even in the next 6 months. Allow your self to be surrounded by positivity. Learn. Teach. Give back. At another time. To another person. Live a meaningful life.”

It will all come back to each one of us. Call it karma. Call it destiny. Call it your dreams coming true. If I help another achieve what he strives for, I might, in the process, accumulate so much more than I intended to. Success. Peace. Serenity. Maybe, just maybe, my self that has been clouded, kept away by the disappointments, hardships and hurdles that life threw my way.

And if you still have doubts, then look at the Man who is amongst the most powerful at this very moment and is at a place his nation  couldn’t even dream of being a couple of hundred years ago. And it all began with, “I have a dream…!”




*Dedicated to all the heavenly messiahs who help each one of live a little longer, a little better each day.


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