All my life

“Where have you been?”

Your mom asks.

Your spouse.



Best friend.



The tone may change, the manner, the stress on the words, the pitch. The words remain. You are accountable to each one for the time that you seemingly wasted, and have opted to spend elsewhere, with another, doing otherwise. Why does each individual blame? Show resentment, disappointment, anger, agitation. Is it because you were missed or needed? Your presence or the lack of, led to a series of misfortunes or perhaps events that served to alter their schedules, and caused distress. 

Each one of us affects: the surroundings, the people, and the circumstances. We leave a mark wherever we go and even if we don’t. 

Some people in your life are just too ‘missable’, undoubtedly.. So how do you deal with the fact that they aren’t around any more, not your’s any more, and the stark reality that they never were to begin with! The grief, sorrow, indignation, loss of control and emotions is too much to bear. Why did we give them such significance or relevance in the first place? Did they deserve it? Or did you? Friends, lovers, partners, acquaintances who fail to deliver disappoint again and again. Yet, we forgive, forget and go on. It is our decision to make. To continue to have them pull the adverbial wool over our eyes, give them just one more chance at amends or be the bigger man. It isn’t anything else but our inability to function without them. And our incredibly stupid approach to view a life that is nothing but a brief sojourn at a roadside inn in a sudden shower of rain, as the destiny that we are ultimately gearing up for. If each of us just hit the nail on the head and had the epiphany that is sure to strike you at some point in life that it isn’t the ones around you, the achievements  that you have, the failures that you suffer from, but your own actions and intentions that will determine the end that is tantamount to a beginning. The ‘happily ever after’ fails to take into account your actual ever after.

Failed romances and relationships devastate us;  Cause such dramatic meltdowns that it seems the world around is crumbling. Falling to pieces. 

Ahh.. the world…! How juvenile!  

The truth, as I have come to see, is in how these individuals help or hamper our ascend to the attainment of goals that serve us best. If your friend/ partner is the prime reason you are walking down a path of damnation, you are the losing party.

It is YOU who must eliminate such evils and hindrances from your life, your being.

Strip them of their status, their place in your path.

Like a bandaid that must be ripped off. Quickly, to avoid pain that one must endure with each moment it is slowly detached from your skin.

Painful, yes, a tad; but so very very crucial.

Suffer now, a moment, a week, a month or a year of aching and remorse in order to be content for ever after.  



  1. Robin Patras · June 6, 2012

    You are right, but truly speaking few peoples or moments cant be forgotten.

  2. Juzer Ali · June 6, 2012

    If only it was possible to do so!

  3. Ayesha Mansoor · June 6, 2012

    100% agreed! though quite possible to do so, but not at all easy… Still, one should keep trying all his/her life… v imp for self worth!

  4. agileahsan · June 6, 2012

    forget the past as soon as you can…

  5. nadia · June 9, 2012

    i agree with u but everyone isn’t that couragious…that brave and that strong to leave their past behind…and also all those who doesn’t care about us but just to spoil our present assumes themselves to be the authority over us…
    while those who care also asks about our whereabouts but with the way they ask determines their intentions and feelings towards us…
    so all in all value those who really care and try to turn a deaf ear towards those who doesn’t…

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