The fickle fight

A seat, or a chair is a piece of furniture, no more, no less.

So is a table, a cupboard, or a bookshelf, but do mobs get unruly over who gets any of these? Nope! It’s just these godforsaken seats that demand such attention, such bloodshed, such animosity from kids, colleagues, nation builders, men and women of stature and integrity who stoop to levels beyond comprehension.

It is these very meaningless fights that envelope a society in darkness or it could even engulf a people’s hearts and minds to go and do the needful. The saviours, the messiahs need not be the Davids, the Gandhis, or the Alexanders. They could be just another face in the crowd that knows the truth and is ready to stand up for it, for his own nation at any cost, any price. Is it imperative that they acquire all the glory, the limelight that is part and parcel of the ‘saving lives’ business? Some like to stay in the shadows and work in the stealth of late hours. These are the ones who rarely see the cameras or are desirous of accolades and laurels that the fame hungry crave for. They are heroes that command no special place in the academia, the institution or the parliament. They have a priceless place in the hearts of not just a select group of people but entire races of the downtrodden and helpless.

The actually true honest individuals that have lived and died in their search for a better tomorrow for us have a yearning to serve. They starve for knowledge, for justice, for dawn.

Have we the courage to let them? Do we feel we deserve someone who could right all the wrongs? Or are we too used to the atrocities, complacent in our state of oblivion towards the gang wars? or is it the wars within us that hound our sensibilities towards this sense of numbness?

For one who has a war to fight with himself can seldom care for or about these fights.

The seat is a mere object for them. For rulers, dictators, bosses. They care not for any of the tyrants.

Their own demons demand far more details and insight than these fickle fights that burn down the neighbourhoods, kill the teenagers and suck the life out of the surroundings.

I know it’s far easier said than done, takes years to accomplish and a willpower of Herculean proportions but yes it can be done! If its a trip you need to make, a conversation you need to have, a door you have to knock, don’t waste a second in turmoil and uncertainty.  

Bring the change you want to see. Not anywhere except in you.

The peace that will bring will be worth more than any Nobels or Pulitzer’s.

It will be peace that will finally let you sleep soundlessly.


“The grace of Allah and His mercy are the reasons for our salvation. “






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