Last time!

Being complacent and taking things for granted is something we eventually indulge in. Its human nature, we never do realise how good we got it once we got it, and when its gone, we are left with nothingness, the deafening silence and a sense of emptiness that refuses to go away lest we forget what it is we had and cared not for.

Is it significant to hug or pat on the back as you pass your child by on your way out?

Does it matter if you don’t tell your mom how much you love her after you’ve outgrown the Mother’s Day phase?

Who is aware of what could be or will occur in a moment or the next instance?

Do you know if you will wake up in the morning? Return home today? Say goodbye to the ones you can’t be without? Fathom a life sans your friend forever?

Sudden departures are the toughest to deal with. A plane crash. An accident. A fire. A burglary. Catastrophes that one could foretell or imagine in their wildest nightmares happen every day. Its unlike the slow disintegration of a life that was once a fountain of wisdom, fun, or insanity, though, that isn’t easy to deal with either, but atleast there is a semblance of the inevitable that is expected- brutal but true.

Choose your last words wisely, as you go to bed each night.

Tell your loved ones you care.

They matter.

They always have and always will.

Leave your home with a smile, let everyone believe that there is a void no one but they can fill.

Don’t let regrets cloud you for eternity.

Don’t regret what could have been but isn’t.

Don’t fret over what you don’t have.

Revel in the blessings that you are showered with. Thank the Lord each day, with each breath. You never know when you won’t have any left.

“To be happy–one must find one’s bliss” 
― Gloria VanderbiltImage





  1. AyM · May 8, 2012

    Sentimental …I m touched!!

  2. Sameer · May 9, 2012

    I would embrace this at anytime.. wow..

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