Silent No More!

Silence is consent.

Silence is speech.

Silence speaks volumes when sounds disappear.

Learning to decipher the syllables spoken, whispered, screamed in the quiet; attempting to make meaning out of nothingness; believing in the impossible, believing in making love, assuming there is when there is none.. is it a mirage or as real as you and I?

Should one speak when not addressed?

Should one care when no one else does?

Should one stand up when required?

Do we?

Or should one just watch and be a part of the atrocities, the injustices, the unfairness, the pain and the agony without blinking an eye or perhaps even walk away, unflinching?

Or should we be amongst  the brave few who raise an arm against the tyrants and help make the universe and the peoples a whole again?

An evening of fun, excitement and an introduction with a tech savvy crowd that wishes to be the bringer  of change much amplified than themselves, brings not just a sense of elation, but a breath of fresh air, hope and faith in a nation of youth that is unlike another- true, honest, creative, and independent.

Today and everyday!


“Get out of tranquility and step in the practical life. Dedicate your faculties to seek improvement in every field to make the condition of people. It is only then we can be strong enough to counter threats to our nation and defeat our enemies.”

(Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Message to Bohar Students of Karachi, 13 Jan 1941)




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