To Be or not To be? Is THAT the question!

Is it bad to refrain yourself from what you truly desire at any given point of time?

An eclair.

A banana split with extra whipped cream.

A jump into a refreshing pool.

A kiss you have been craving for, at a time you know you shouldn’t.

How much should one refrain and stop ones’ self from!

And what is it that helps one decide to pick and choose what to do and what not?

There are choices one makes each moment of one’s life.

To wake up. To not wake up.

To shower.

To eat a salad or a steak.

To laugh out loud.

To pretend you didn’t hear.

To buy a knock out top.

To reply a text.

Or not.

How and why do each us make all these innumerable decisions? Some deliberately, some out of habit, or compulsion and some after timely ( or perhaps, not so much,) reconsideration. I believe one does so through a course of trial and error and a lifetime of self control, be it self imposed or societal or tyrannical.

I have often wondered where one should draw the line. Should one succumb to trivial acts of non resistance to our wants/desires from time to time? Is it alright to eat a large helping of mozzarella dripping casseroles than to look with malicious intent at another’s spouse? Are we giving in to some desires in order to remain steadfast in our lives of morally correct conduct? The art of manliness teaches you how to be a real ‘man’ and channelize your energies appropriately (

I’m trying very hard to be a ‘man’, purely, in the hypothetical sense. So that means I must rally on my efforts at self discipline. And give in from time to time to the pleasures that one craves for ages. Maybe something that has suddenly developed into everything which was nothing before. This is a dilemma Wicks must endure. Help himself. How? Give in or hold out?

There is a Wicks in each of us.

What would you do?



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  1. Santiago Rosen · March 6, 2012

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