February Saturday

What did Amna/Anam bring me?

A sense of rebirth.

ImageA refreshing smile and the sweetest look.

One saw her and forgot.

That it was a lousy movie, there was a strange odor around, the heat, the cold, the world.

Her carefree and honest confessionals were a delight to behold. The candid discussion over how she lost weight after being inspired by the actress that I drooled over, and how we both did NOT like ridiculously made-up girls!

Her hazel eyes, lined with the brightest blue, had such audacity and innocence, they took your breath away, when she caught you in the deepest pools of her soul. She was what we needed, what we sought, what we wouldn’t survive without.

She was a sign of the new morrow, and the past that didn’t matter. 

It may seem that I am obsessed with a woman, in actuality, a child. I am not. I am punch drunk on what she brought us. 




And a wrinkling of nose at the mere mention of sheesha 😉

She and a bunch of wholesome, happy, lovable people altered me. For good.

Thank you, SWATians and a chance meeting at a conference meant for ones unlike us. 

Thank you for bringing new meaning to our lives.

La Dolca vita, ma cherie!



  1. Sameer · February 13, 2012

    Wah.. zabardast, I smiled and it was the longest lasting smile 🙂

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