What women wish you knew!

The beginning of the human race faced a tough dilemma, the woman who began it all took a decision and in doing so, changed the course of humanity and our very race’s destiny.

A man in my executive class today remarked, “Apple! It was nothing, it wasn’t a name, it was a joke, a mistake!” We were discussing symbolism and Brand equity and loyalty, and other such nonsense and stumbled upon Steve Job’s Apple, as is bound to happen in any such scenario, in the present day. An apple and what it denotes and what it did to the human race eons ago and even today is phenomenal. What was the BIG deal about Eve and her teeny tiny bite of the forbidden fruit?

Was her act a way of showing us all the weakness our species is bound to exhibit time and again?

Or was it meant to make us realize that it is human to err?

Or was the intent to help us see that the female brain is susceptible to curiosity and reverse psychological tactics?

Perhaps so, or perhaps some other divine reason.

One which we can not envision. Or maybe, a minion such as myself can’t for the life of me, figure out.

And what about Belle or the woman who fell in love with a vampire and a werewolf! Now that’s class! I mean, not only does she manage to foresee his lack of mortality, humanity, BLOOOD, but she also manages to look past all the centuries of bloodshed, pain and anguish he brought upon her and countless other families.

She looked at him.

Understood him.

BELIEVED in him.

It’s an entirely different scenario altogether that she ends up having his demonic baby and in the process gets bitten up all over, and to top it off, returns from the dead, most probably herself a vampire now. But does anything stop her or her ‘undying’ (pun intended) love for her roguish Romeo? Absolutely not!

That love is hard to find or experience, my friends (boys, this one’s for you).

Once you think you have found yourself such an obsessive, possessive and incredibly gorgeously-in-love woman, marry her that very instant!

Next is my personal favorite: eccentric, funny,blond and endearing Phoebe Buffet! She is the most straight forward and honest woman that one might ever see in modern world. She is a pure, crazy, and very very unbelievable lady.

Why do we find her audacity so astounding? Because she has found her Zen. She cares not what her friends, her twin, or her smelly cat think.

She does what she wants, where she wants and how she wants.

That is absolute freedom! A liberty not many of us have after our early years of life. But why not?? Why do we bother and fret over what the neighbors will think? How the boss would react? and if my love would mind!? Why don’t we dream our dreams, and live them?

Why don’t we tell who we love, why we love and how much?

Why can’t we dance anytime we want? Or sing irritating songs in our own horrible voice and declare our love for Contestant no.4 in front of the whole college?? Because we are scared. Of what might go wrong. Well, you never know, someday something might go right. For instance her fake date ended up finding her her one true love.

It could happen, to you or me.

Why doesn’t it? Cus you and I don’t give it a shot.

So what do these three women tell us about women?

One tells us that women may be curious and selfish, some say greedy. But if they weren’t so, they wouldn’t alter the lives of all around them, in so many ways.

Another shows us that only a WOMAN is capable of such passion, valour and tenacity. The love that she gives and keeps giving has no boundaries, no limits. Bask in the warmth, if you ever find such an amazing partner.

The last but not the least, Ms. Buffet encompasses all that is true. Honest, with a daring to live attitude and following her dreams always.

A woman completes you like nothing else in the world can or ever will.

Respect her. For she will bring out the best in you, and you won’t even know when and how!


One comment

  1. javeria · February 6, 2012

    the apple story is complete fabrication of the church its not true….we should discourage such mis information as its no where mentioned in Quraan….i know u have a different point to prove in this article but its worth mentioning here!

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