Friday the 13th

Waking up in the middle of the night to take care of a very ill kid is a Herculean task. As he gets sick again and again, and you bathe him twice and then once again in the cold cold air and try to comfort him, and he seems to fall asleep and you go and bathe once more…and blow dry and get back in bed, only to be beckoned by the muezzin..

Pacifying my love that he needn’t go to school today as he isn’t as well as he thinks at the moment, and arguing with him about how there will be another activity next Friday too, but how can he understand the reasonings of an ogre mommy!

Hitching a ride with a co worker cus you couldn’t wake up in time for the regular ride, is just a chance happening, and so are the snippets of conversation that take place on the way.. its all a matter of chance, the songs that you hear, the things that you see, the cookies that you share, the bantering, all just moments that lack meaning or do they!

It was the instant love at first tweet of the whistling and drumming in the good life  ( that set the theme for the day.. the chorus of ‘this has gotta be a good life, good good life!’ sets along a catchy upbeat hummable feeling in your head that the day is gonna be just fine.

The tasks that you do, the calls that you make, the plans that are made, canceled, and then revised, the two lunches that you eat, the dessert that you are craving right now, the silliness that ensues all exhibits to you the fact that there is life beyond..

There is normalcy and randomness and insanity that is unexplained. Mysteries that may not be solved, jobs that you may not get, sales that he may not make, but there are still rainbows and butterflies that fly by as you walk in the sun and pretty little wild dandelions that are so yellow that they melt you as you bend down to touch them.

The sweet words that a lovable kid says to you as you pass by serve the purpose of brightening up your smile even more..

The email that he got an incredible new opportunity that he was born to be a part of and should have gotten sooner.. but he did, TODAY! 🙂

The text that makes you crack as you think back to a few months back when the hilariously ridiculous thing happened and you stare at the mirror, thinking is this you? It looks like a completely different person, you don’t even recognize the azure or the sobriety or the look in the eyes that clearly says, ‘so what?’

The only thing that is purely you is the aqua nails and toes that bring remarks from all round you and you just don’t care no more..

Friday the 13th?

Quite an event for some.

The day that I became happiest that I have been in a year!Image


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