I saw you and forgot.
The hurt. The pain. The anguish.
I was hopelessly in love.
You looked up at me as you saw the world for the first time.
I just couldn’t understand how you came to be.
How it felt to hold you finally, after months of feeling you tumbling around..
Inexplicable, it was.
Indescribable you are.
You are my world
My life
My heart
My soul
My all
And more.
The feel of you in my arms then and now is no different. It is pure magic, an elixir of life for one such as me.
I know nothing around except you; day and night are spent waiting for you, each moment agony as I grow impatient with each passing moment you are kept from me.
You astound me.
With your innocence, your genius and your purity.
Your need for more.
The glint in your eyes is unlike any I ever saw or ever will.
Five years ago, at this moment, I waited patiently, hoping to see you any minute.. Five years ago I was incomplete, destitute and torn. I set eyes on the emerald blanket that held you and the hazel eyes as they caught mine and hooked on, never to let go. Enslaved. Enraptured. Intertwined in our universes.
Five hours. Five days. Five months. Five years! They said you couldn’t. They said you wouldn’t.
You, my love, refuse. To let anyone get the better of you. Beat you. Scare you.
The one who achieves his goals, you have become!

You make me proud.
You make me ecstatic.
You make me!



  1. Asif · January 4, 2012

    Amazing!!!! Words that only a mother can produce. May you stay blessed. Always

  2. Harris Grafals · January 20, 2012

    I enjoy your writing style genuinely enjoying this website. “Doing easily what others find difficult is talent doing what is impossible for talent is genius.” by Henri Frdric Amiel.

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