Happy to you!

It began with the feeling that its the one that would bring solace, end all the pain and enduring that you suffered. Or perhaps made you feel its the worst year you could ever have.

It began and ended. In a snap.

Things didn’t change much.

Or they revolutionized.





Everything changes everything’  it says in Vertigo, a novel I just finished last night. (Quite grotesque and graphic with revelations and stark realities about a nation 30 years ago, sounds like a tale from next door that you heard from the guy sitting next to you at the cinema.)

 Couldn’t have said it better in any which way.

A crush that you had yesterday and you ached each time you saw her, now is a mere memory in passing. A friend that was not much is now a lot more. Some one you didn’t know existed could make your life so unbearable and another could bring you bliss and joy and calmness like you never had.

Words spoken and those that remained unsaid all change you.

Jolt you.

Exhilarate you.

Revive you.

Mesmerize you.

It was a time to love, ’twas a time to forgive.

A year filled with many firsts and many lasts. A year that brought miracles that you couldn’t imagine, and horrors that you expected. You stopped, halted in your wrongdoings, again and again, tempted by fates, but, unrelenting, and tread onward to the path that you had chosen. Aided by several that you chose and those who chose you to be by your side in your crusade against the tides.

A year that went by, another that begins in mere hours. A year that you have spent, one that has yet to begin. Start it with a generous heart, give and forgive. Move on. End the 20s with a new resolve. Make the last one count, as others have. It is your year. Your’s for the taking. Get what you want. By hook or by crook.

Patience is a virtue. So is humility. Embrace both.

Happy to you, SIQ.

P.S. And to you, my friends, thank you for


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