I am an unhappy…

I am an unhappy little lady.

Don’t have any clue why.

Could be the fact that I didn’t get to wear hair extensions in the wedding..

Could be the fact that I’m in the middle of a meeting with an acidic weirdo with a twisted sense of humor and ethics..

Could be that I am trying to grow my hair and I don’t happen to have any ‘magic gro’ potion.. sigh..

Could be that I haven’t met Sabby or Monte for so long, not to mention they were not a part of what was an important life altering event for me..

Could be the vicious lady who keeps irritating me day after day with her sarcasm and incredibly ridiculous statements about my looks, work, personality, and seems to spit venom each time we cross paths..

Could be the stark reality that she’s leaving tomorrow and I won’t have much of a family left for at least a year till they return.. I should be adult enough not to bother missing the hugs and kisses that are bombarded on me as I enter the lounge after a day’s work, or the tiny hand that takes mine and asks for a popsicle each time I leave..

Could be the sudden realization that I seem not to find much pleasure in hanging out with my friends for no reason, and everything appears to be fickle..

Could even be the surprising breaking of my 7 outta 10 nails which leave my hands feeling bare..

Could actually be the winter dryness and chill that my toes can’t stand..

Or perhaps it could be nothing.





  1. Wajiha · November 24, 2011

    Ma’am really nice post…. sometimes we don’t know reasons for sad mood and we make lame excuses to satisfy ourselves.

  2. javeria · December 2, 2011

    u motivate me to writing!

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