ASK if you can..!

I don’t like asking!

It’s just not my thing.

I would rather be given unasked than bother asking and risk being refused. So fickle of me huh?

Not so much if you contemplate the possibilities and worst case scenarios.

If I want a Ralph Lauren Rocks, and M wants to give me a Gucci Rush for my birthday and he takes out time and makes such an effort to FedEx it from Houston, and it just ISN’T what I wanted! I open the box and look at it in disappointment and half heartedly call him and thank him for being so nice, (yada yadee yada!)…. and what if when he calls me up, he casually asks what’s the perfume that I adore and can’t live without and of course the naive little person that I am, not getting his quizzical queries, I could just reply RL Rocks! Simple?

We women don’t like simplicity. We love complex webs of intricacies; conversations that say one thing and mean another.


That’s our pastime. We love playing the game.

Its the thrill of the chase. We love being hunted. Though I personally hate Fast 5, but it’s a guy thing, you know? The hard to get ones are the women they desire the most. The ones that throw themselves and are ‘easy’ are taken for granted. She might be the sweetest and straight forward and honest about liking him, but he would rather go for the one who’s way out of his league, end up not losing both the pursuer and pursuee ( that’s another word I just made up, 😉

I want a Toffee Caramel Square. I like it. I been meaning to have it the moment I entered Chatterbox, BUT when Meshi asks, I say whatever you order is good for me..*angelic smile*  and then hemm and haww when the Toffee Brownie is too choclatey for my taste and remain unsated; and brood on exiting, staring wistfully at the caramelly devil.. sigh..

I know what I want. I don’t ask. Most people don’t. They’re too afraid of rejection, of being denied in some way or another. Even when it’s their right. Take for instance, a certain H who just doesn’t get the promotion he deserves and instead has to deal with a Horrible Boss who ends up taking his much deserved new office and hot wheels too.

Getting what you want is an art that’s not easy to be a pro at. It’s important to know what to say, how to say and when to say it! Most crucial is who you say it to. Barking up the wrong tree is pathetic. And there are a lot of these bamboo trees that you keep heading for, when its a eucalyptus that you require. The one that you need to beg, plead, whimper and weep in front of is none other than your One and Only Saviour. He is the one you better scaddadle to, come rain or shine. He is not one to reject or fear from. He loves you no matter what. He wants you to ask Him.

I have a ridiculous habit. I pray for french fries, cheese balls, nail polishes and even certain colours to wear on an occasion. Stupid? I think not. I ask Him for whatever I want, I like or don’t. I’d rather ask Him than the idiot across me in the room.

Funny thing, I usually do get things, and donuts too!

It’s the faith that I will.

And I know I will. Sooner or later.





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