Farewell, Adieu, to you and you and YOU!

She’s leaving today.


He left yesterday; a few weeks and then M will be gone too..


The passing away of a public figure leaves many lost and shocked. That’s what the general air around the world made one feel all day yesterday. A broken and alone race we were. Wherever you are, wherever you go, he left a mark. It’s not just the iTunes or the iPads, it’s his humility, ingenuity and his passion for a purpose. Facing adversity and traitors and odds like no other, he managed to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes.


Sal says people come and go, that’s life. (And in the same breath he looks with haunted eyes at the framed photograph of his first born who lived but a few hours, and you know that not a day goes by when he doesn’t miss Azlan… )


Harry agrees too, “you can’t get attached.” 


Is it possible? For one not to get comfortable, feel a certain affinity, be compatible, or compliment each other as a team, even if its just a duo? My mom says that if one tends to fall in love with a pet goldfish and she’s seen how devastated her kids got each time she woke up to find the poor critter floating lifeless in the bowl.. Is it just habit or companionship that we get accustomed to? How do I stop myself from loving and accepting the people around me? Can you? Someone who is like a morning breeze in the sad cold world of cubicles and board rooms? Someone who gives you an escape and freedom to be myself and not be judged? One who isn’t scared to voice her opinion and remains unscathed by the imminent wrath that she must suffer if she were another of the executives that zombie up the whole workplace?


Try as I might, I have never learned to condition myself against attachments.  Ivan Pavlov, I’m not; to salivate, or not to salivate, to like or not to like a genuinely hardworking and good person who has proved herself worthy.


I did all in my power to not let her go. I am still. But does it matter that she isn’t sitting across the hall? Or if she gets married and leaves on her own blissful accord? Or that he left the world a cut above the pre- Steve Jobs era!


Yes people come and people go.


Whether their departure is a sad demise of a relationship or the gradual diminishing of another, or the beginning of another life long friendship, is your choice.


I have made my choice.













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