Who am I?







Why am I recognized by all the relations that I have and all the people around me? Why am I not an entity alone? Why am I not JUST me? Am I a woman like any other!

Am I the person that people come to for help? Whether its comfort they are looking for when they have a boo boo or a small grammatical error they need amended in their Term Report?

Am I the one who goes to others for the resolution of her trials?

Am I the girl you like to be seen with? The one that all crave to be around, cause unknowingly she has somehow managed to have the right amount of spunk, looks and spontaneity to be the ‘popular’ girl every where she goes. Am I the type that men are mesmerized with but always fail to approach? Am I something you would love to possess but don’t have the courage to be anything but friends with?

Am I the one who scares the crap outta you?

God knows why and what it is that makes me different; that makes me odd, strange, unheard of.

What is it about me that you can’t comprehend? You can’t accept as any other; you can’t bring to love or like or care about!

Is it my fault that I have such strength!

I can’t help what I have been dished out in this world, and how I handle it and try to handle it day after day.

I will fail; I do sometimes. I am weak. I am not invincible. I have my cryptonite.  You only need to know what it is and what time of the day you need to bring it to me for me to fall like a pack of cards when the gust of wind blows in the room.

Remember that Will Smith flick, i robot? About this robot who wasn’t just a Robot? And the recent huge blockbuster X-men where Mystique hadn’t yet found herself? Or Beast?

“You want society to accept you when you haven’t yet accepted yourself.”

Have you learned to? Discovered who you are?

Or are you lost too?

I hate what you have made me become. What you expect from me. I wasn’t born this way. I was made.

I love who I am. I love who I become, despite all you bombard me with. I will continue to fight. I won’t go down quietly into the horizon. I won’t let you get away. I never do. If I can’t win, I won’t lose either. I will die trying.

I am NOT another.

I am ME!



  1. Sameer · October 4, 2011

    Amazing !!! *like* *like* ({) ….

  2. Shafia Ahmed · October 5, 2011

    beautifully written! thanks for sharing Sarah :-))

    • NIDA NOOR · October 9, 2011

      🙂 its always been pleasure to read your articles and for me you are a woman who is strong and has able to carry herself Independently.

  3. javeria · December 2, 2011

    sharing it on FB!!

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