What’s in a Dare?

‘Hey, have you had tea today? Umm, oh, wouldn’t you like another cup?’ and the dazzling smile, and the guy didn’t even relent slightly as he had just finished his morning cup. There I was, standing like an idiot, thinking Plan B, Plan B! And there was no Plan B; I didn’t know him, neither did I have any interest in him whatsoever. He was just a nice, considerate critter who had a notorious temper. Guess I must have looked uncertain standing there with a steaming mug of tea, and he remarked, ‘Have a seat.’ (Ahh.. that gorgeous grin!) And I sat down and we chatted for a little while, idle small talk, turned out he was quite interesting.

I could feel M and A‘s eyes boring in my back, and A actually came and started talking to another dude in the room, casting sideways glances at the two of us, and I didn’t even acknowledge her presence. As I brought the mug of tea and placed it at W‘s desk, and triumphantly looked at M, she had such a cute expression on her face, it was truly priceless to behold. A shook her head and said, SIQ, you are crazy!

It had been just another blah Tuesday at work, and on the tea break that I just go to for socializing purposes, as I never tea, and the girls looked so bored and M ‘dared’, and of course it was me who had to take it up, being slightly adventuresome and the official nut job.

I have always hated the Truth or Dare shenanigans at juvenile high school and college parties.  Perhaps its ‘cus I’m a scaredy cat, or I’d rather not be embarrassed revealing anything about me that people are bound to ask and eventually end up having a laugh at my expense. The truth, that they would love to know, my most guarded thoughts and dreams. Another dilemma that adds to the misery is my acute ineptness at lying. I have no idea why it is such a difficult task for me to lie perfectly; I blush, look away and at times even stammer which is sure to make the person in front of me either laugh or smile wryly and remark that lying isn’t my best trait.

Still there are has gotta be something that has made this nonsensical game such a success over the years. Its mindless. The dares that have come up have been numerous, ridiculous, borderline insane in certain scenarios.

Why do we take up these dares? It’s just our way of letting the adrenaline rush through our veins in the most socially acceptable(?) manner. It is, after all, fun and games.

Or is it?

Truth is highly over rated, in my opinion. You tend to tell little white lies, day in and day out. The questions that people are asked are either something that their friends have been inquisitive about for a while and haven’t yet able to cajole out of you or maybe something that is of immense significance to you and you don’t reveal to all and sundry. Everyone is entitled to have their own personal space. You might be married for 30 years, love her to pieces, but you don’t have to tell her every teeny tiny thought in your head.

We are fickle creatures. We get mad. We get irritated. We win, we lose. We change.

We are human!

We dare to dare; we dare to lie,even when we say we aren’t. No one is privy to my inner demons and aspirations. They are MINE.

I can dare, I can lie, I can love, I can hate.

I can jump from a window and break a leg, and still be happy; I can dare to kiss a frog, and get some indescribable muck on my lips;

I can ask her out, whether she says yes or no, is her choice, and my luck.

I can dare to live! 

Can you?



  1. Moon · September 21, 2011

    😀 ur awsummmm SQ!!! AWWWWWSUMMMM!!!!!!! n iv never loved u so much before!:D

  2. "A" · September 21, 2011

    hahahaha.. yes “A” got really surprised.. you are such a dearo, daring, darling 😀 Impressive!!!

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