Tonight’s gonna be a good night!

I’m happy today!

Elated; Ecstatic; Sated; Blissful; Outta this world, C-razy happy!

Wanna know why?

No reason.

I just am! 

( I am sure MN would love to comment on the contrary here, but wait for it sweet heart, its’ a- comin!)

It’s not because I got a little something that I have been waiting for, for quite a while, nor is it because my boss actually said he liked what I did, or because I had the most amazing Chicken Alfredo, or received an email that might as well change my life and make my greatest desire since I learned to hold a pen probably true… Nope, it isn’t any of these trivial reasons.

I was not so happy yesterday. An inconsiderate remark an insignificant man made, and it ruined my day. Why did I care enough to let his comment affect me, and alter my outlook on life? Or my self esteem? Or even a millisecond of my life? Why did he have the power to make me doubt myself? All he said was all he thought. That was the extent of his puny sized brains. He was just another one of the millions out there who are blood sucking leeches and drain you of all your ‘giddy’ germs. He is the devil incarnate. Why did I allow him to cross the thin line between love and hate?


I don’t know why.

You think any of us have all the answers?




We don’t have a clue about how to live our lives. Each of us is spending our lives, rowing in uncharted waters without any beacons or North stars, blindly rowing wherever the winds blow our sails. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s the beauty of life on earth. Making mistakes, learning from them; tripping, falling and getting up again.

This life is all about the choices you make. Black or white? Fried or boiled? Mashed or baked?

Choose to listen to a voice and ignore another. Choose to love one and turn away from another. Choose to take the plunge and dive in the deep end.

Choose to choose your destiny and don’t look back.


Why am I happy today?

I’m happy because I choose to be. 


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