The day I didn’t become a millionaire!

It was an air infested with dragonflies, a refreshing change from the mosquitoes that usually engulfed the shrubbery around our work place. As usual, our driver was late and we were standing irritably awaiting our ride. Seated and on our way back home after a very unusual day of mishaps and excitement, we planned to detour and eat some really disgusting food from the road side vendors, and I was all up for some good food after ingesting some god forsaken haleem from the cafeteria. I leaned back in my seat and settled in to listen to some truly gorgeous music on my Androidy cell phone. After a few minutes, beep! I was mildly irritated by the incoming text, and gave an uninteresting glance at the screen. It was a notification of a credit transaction on my recently opened salary account. I glanced and my eyes popped open. Credited with Rs. 4,319,400! ka-ching!

It had to be a mistake! What if it wasn’t! What if I was just sent all this money? What if I was meant to take it all? It’s a whole lot of money, but how could it be possible! No one even knew my account number. Heck, I didn’t either!

I just ignored the whole episode as an incorrect sms and just concentrated on the food and greasy fries and went home sated with half a liter of pepsi, fell asleep listening to Goo Goo Doll’s Iris and dreaming of a beach walk.

Work was a bitch. I’d gotten most of the work done by lunch and I just felt like I wanted to escape, away from everyone. It was the typical me. I hate familiarity and the drabness of being around the same people, day after day. I have to eat out and get out of the rut that always manages to hound restless souls such as myself. Called up a friend and we all headed out to the land of the crispy fried chicken.

Beep. Another text arrived saying I had debited a small amount and my balance was now Rs. 4.3 mill! Dude, you have gotta be kiddin me!!! Called up the friggin CRO and he went beserk! After a couple of phone calls and a large amount of day dreaming and vacation plans along with a couple of proposals from the craziest guys at work, it turned out that some guy has an exactly similar account number and incredulously identical cell number as well. Everyone was actually mad at me for straightening out the whole mishap. Each person seemed to be feeling like they had just been bestowed with this shitload of money. Everyone was planning what they would do with the money that I would give them.

What was it about that money that exhilarated them? What was it that made each of these individuals alive just to hear of money that didn’t even belong to them? What IS it about money that makes us believe we can get everything? We can win? We can dream again? We can achieve more? Is it money that makes the world go round? And why was I so robotic and calm and unmoved by the possibility of having it all? Cause it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care. Broke or royalty. I have no significance of material objects in my life. Whether I have it or I don’t. I have had it all. It didn’t win me any friends. It still doesn’t; though, it does manage to make foes out of your dearest friends.

I have been through all times. I have had nothing and started from scratch. I won’t preach of the evils of satanic money, no. It is important. It is the need of the times.

But it isn’t everything. 

You don’t realize what is important. You take people and things for granted. You take your life for granted. You will know when it isn’t yours anymore. When someone else comes and swooshes it away or it all just disintegrates into a mist of nothingness. When things will change. When the tables have turned. And you aren’t who you once was. And you won’t be able to bring any of it back.

Cherish what you have now. Don’t dwell in the past. It’s been done. Don’t dream too much of the future, it shall all come in time. Live in today. Build it, nourish it, guard it and everything that’s dear to you. Especially not just what, but who is dear to you.

Because things can come again, but love can’t.

Money matters, but life matters more.

Live like there’s no tomorrow!

I may not have become a millionaire today, but I did live to tell the tale.



  1. Umer Sharif · September 15, 2011

    Wow!! certainly its not everything!!

  2. Juzer Ali · September 16, 2011

    Super Duper, sarz!!

  3. Fresh Meat · September 16, 2011

    It takes special skill to keep the reader glued to your write up and you certainly have it! Looking forward to some more amazing write ups from your pen (or keyboard perhaps 🙂

  4. guyagile · September 16, 2011

    lolzz dat must hav been one excitin episode… 😛

    “that some guy has an exactly similar account number and incredulously identical cell number as well.” you gotta be kiddin me 0_0

    • sarahqureshi · September 16, 2011

      Imagine the ironic twist 😛

      • guyagile · September 16, 2011

        yea money isnt everything….so wat was ur atm pin# again 😛

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