Dancing in the rain!

Gimme rain over shine any day!

When it rains, it pours.. and I mean that in the literal sense here! I love the rain and storms and lighting and thunder and any and everything rainy! What is it about rain that is so attractive for the people in the east? The western hemisphere can’t stand rain, grey and dreary, cloudy days. They prefer the hot, scorching sun and its tanning properties. The beach is their favorite hangout in the summer, while I would rather die than head for the beach during the sweltering summer June days. They lie in barely there gear and get burnt right,left and centre (pun intended).

Why do we love one and they love the other?

One can’t have too much of anything for long.

People love what they can’t and don’t have enough of.

We get blessed rarely by the heavenly showers from above and we have sun and heat all the time. The same goes for the colder hemisphere, they have a dearth of sunshiny-ness, and have ample thunderstorms and snow and drenchable days.

A diabetic can’t have sugary nothings, and he craves them.

A child isn’t allowed to have colas, and he sneaks them in whenever he can.

A mom doesn’t get much rest, and she longingly daydreams of days past when she could sleep in.

A teenager stares wistfully at the sans-pimple-faced supermodels on the covers of famous mags.

It’s human.

It’s what makes us dream, want, sin, try, enthuse, evolve.

Wanting and pining for what we don’t have anymore or never have had or would love to have some day.

It’s what makes us go. Drives us to bother again and again. Once the yearning has halted, you won’t care no more. You won’t wait or put in any efforts. You will be indifferent. And that is the greatest failure. To stop trying. To stop searching. Indifference will be the death of your soul and it’s purpose.

Failing isn’t a failure.

Failing to try again is.

Enjoy each moment, each day, and each instance that you are closer to the rain. And once it starts to rain, dance your heart out.

Go on, dance a little tango in the rain today. You have earned it, Karachi!!


One comment

  1. aqeel · December 5, 2011

    🙂 a very sweet composition of a very important attribute of life… right now its giving me hope to get through what im stuck in 🙂 cheers

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