The Pound Wars!

The woes of the chubby, plump, slightly overweight, full, pudgy, or just plain and simple OBESE, are aplenty. It’s truly a hard way to live by, especially in the insanely materialistic world that ours has become.

I hate when people tell me how thin I am. I mean, what is their problem! I know half of you would be rolling your eyes at this statement, but I recall very distinctly, around 4 years ago when I had gotten officially fat, for the first time in my life.( Childbirth tends to have that effect on you! ) And at that time, each and everyone who had known or even glanced at me during my ‘hot’ and ‘perfectly thin’ phase, now exclaimed and gasped at seeing my big and chubby self! I would like to credit my best friends and family for saying that I looked ‘cute’ and not fat, but actually mommyish and sweet 🙂 It was their support and kindness that helped me bear the intense pressure from all quarters to get skinny in the blink of an eye.

And now I see the same cycle with my friends about to have kids, and the most favorite of all is when a girl is about to get married, and is a tad chubby. Why can’t the guy accept her for who she is and how she looks and quit pressurizing her to just lose a few for the big day? Its perfectly fine for him to be hairy as a bear, balding, or have a paunchy like a tyre around his belly!

Losing weight is not an easy task. It is painstakingly slow and agonizing and frankly, half the people don’t even realise that its a genetic problem as well. Obesity and body weight issues are hereditary. Some can’t help looking the way they do. However much they reduce their intake of sugars and fats, they are meant to be how they are. Some have broad shoulders and those women can never look delicate and dainty! And then there are those like my father and sister and me, who have a slight frame and don’t gain easily; or perhaps, our eating habits are such. Its a mystery that has yet to be solved.

What a weight watcher undergoes is not less than any Herculean or Olympian’s regime!

Weigh yourself in the morning, at night, before a meal, after a run.. Hoping and praying and willing the scales to move an inch either way! Yeah, there are some of us that want to gain, imagine that 😛

I have friends who have lost huge amounts of their fatty fiends. But that is half the battle. Once you have lost, you must not regain. And the brave ones, who have managed to win this war against the inches that threaten to envelope you, are fearful of sliding back into old habits, and inadvertently become dieters and start starving themselves, unknowingly.

I lost 59 pounds in 5 months. Yeah. Its a fact of life. I did it. I know how it feels, I know how it hurts to not bend to pick up the coin.

To all those who are so quick to demean and pass judgement, may you feel the pain that the other side of the coin does.

To all those who are the other side of the coin, Kudos to you for walking on with your head held high. I just want you to know:

You are not alone!


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