The hand that rocks the cradle..!

Raising a child is one helluva task.

Raising a nation is what mothers’ jobs are, not so trivial, now, are they? Why is a woman’s job considered truly effortless, useless and downright easy! Saying that we are earning the bread while you are spending it is not the norm anymore either. Women work, study, and raise an entire family single handedly and its all taken in stride.. Try cooking, feeding the baby, talking on the phone with the hubby while surfing the net for an assignment, Mister!

I’m not saying that we are heroines or goddesses or anything..

like HELL we ARE!

The amount of intense workout a woman’s mind undergoes in 24 hours is exhausting.( I said 24 because while you are in la la land, they are trying to figure out what tasks are left to be done, planning what to give the kid for lunch, and the menu for your boss’s farewell party that you sprung on her at the last minute! ). All the multi tasking requires presence of mind and focus on all responsibilities and that’s what a female has been blessed with. I have heard my male comrades at work make fun of the opposite gender not really doing anything ’cause they’re doing so many things, a countless times! Its all in your head, boys. Women tend to get more work done and they have a knack for getting work out of people. So what if they have to use their feminine viles from time to time, whatever gets the job done,no?! In order to get ahead people resort to all sorts of underhanded schemes, all women have to do is smile pleasantly and ask for a favor or completion/ submission of some pending task and voila! A wise one once said, never send a man to do a woman’s job 🙂 What IS the harm in that!

Listening to a whining child is the most irritating part of anyone’s day, and moms not just listen but patiently resolve the brat’s problems, from the monster under the bed, not having their sister share the Wii, not liking the carrots for lunch, to hating the new shampoo’s scent. Why are all these supposed to be our jobs! Because a woman is born with innate abilities of undertaking responsibilities and maternal instincts. I can’t help being a mom to all and sundry; no matter how old a person is, if he/ she seems troubled, I can’t stop myself from offering any and every way I can to rectify the issue and fix the boo boo..!

What exactly is the point of this gibberish? The fact that my mom gets overwhelmed at the end of the day, my best friend feels taken for granted and I feel like no one give’s a damn about all that I do!

A word of thanks, a pat on the back, a smile, a back rub, a random kiss on the cheek, a surprise hug, or maybe a simple thank you would suffice.

Go ahead, be a man! *wink*

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.
 Zig Ziglar



  1. Fresh Meat · August 26, 2011

    Truly amazing and spot on! more power to you always!

    • zubair · September 19, 2011

      madam awsome n pls tell me where u had gone i m still looking u.

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