Stop setting Fire to the Rain!

A smile on the lips, yet such hatred in the eyes? Do you know a friend well? A sibling? A colleague? A spouse? How can you know anyone? And how can you trust them with your secrets, your fears, your dreams, and your life?

Can you afford to let any man get the better of you, when you are down and out? Or perhaps when you are at the pinnacle of success, in the most glorious of moments that you could think of, or at any passing instance, when you least suspected?!

Flip the coin and there’s a side to you that I never knew, the sweetest and most delectable! The most courteous of acts are done by those whom you never even deemed to be your acquaintances, let alone your saviors..

How man turns from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde is anyone’s guess.

How I can commit the greatest of sins in a millisecond of carnal weakness, and how the evil incarnate becomes a messiah! What’s done is done. It’s the repercussions that resonate for the rest of your sojourn in this universe. You can’t take back your actions, they have been cast in stone; your words can’t be taken back, they have been engraved in his heart;

But is it not possible to change our ways? Make amends? Make peace? Once and for all. It’s never too late to say it.

Apologize. Repent. Let go.


It’s the only constant in the universe. Change your feelings, change your dreams, change your demeanor, change your diction, change your goals, change your habits, change your intents.

‘cus its the intentions that determine your fate. Your efforts design your outcomes.

Change for the better. It doesn’t take much. Just put one foot ahead of another. Make up your mind. And don’t falter.

Make the call, say sorry.

I did.

And it rained. Washed away everything. EVERY thing.. It’s not worth anyone’s while to keep it inside and smoulder and let the hate engulf your very self.

And believe in the One and Only; and trust His designs and know that all the scheming, all the seething anger inside, all the love inside you, can’t alter the course of your end.

He can.

Ask him. Beg him. Plead.

Ask Him for all that you desire and all that you deserve, ‘cus when He listens,( and yes, He does) He will bless you with such harmony, such calm, such tranquility, that it will bathe you off of all the pain and suffering, like you never had any.

53:32 Those who avoid great sins and shameful deeds, only (falling into) small faults,- verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings you out of the earth, And when ye are hidden in your mothers’ wombs. Therefore justify not yourselves: He knows best who it is that guards against evil. 


  1. Ammar · August 17, 2011

    Very True!

  2. aqeel · August 17, 2011

    very intense my friend

  3. Fresh Meat · August 17, 2011

    It takes quite a strength of character to forgive someone and it is a virtue known only to the extra ordinary. I am happy u did this!

  4. sarahqureshi · August 27, 2011

    Aqeel, life’s intense, wouldn’t you agree?

  5. lubna khalid · August 29, 2011

    to forgive and forget is good for our own soul …usually it is easy…..but at times it becomes so difficult …..

    • sarahqureshi · September 13, 2011

      it is easy for some and yet incredibly difficult for others, Lubna. It takes great strength to say I apologize!

  6. Moiza · May 22, 2012

    Ohh alwayz love to read and know yor thoughtz Sarah !! U r superb!! Muahhhhh keep dem komin;) i second ya it surely does take great strength to apologize and even to forgive sumtymz

  7. Aqib · May 22, 2012

    Amazingly written & yes forgiving & forgetting is not that easy it takes times sometimes years & sometime whole life ! But the one who has courage to apologize & realizing their own mistakes are the one who are amazing !!

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