Scott free!

Reading My Feudal Lord is quite an experience, most will tell you. Some sympathize, some empathize, some even despise the author, but there is rarely anyone who says that they have read it and don’t have an opinion about the lady or her not so better half. Quite a writer, I must say. And a whole lot of scandalous content to keep you glued to the pages. Isn’t that the sole aim of any scribbler? To make moolah and enjoy the fame that inadvertently comes with it? No harm there!

The things that stick the most are:

  • the not so nondescript accounts of violence and personal anguish that the lady endured along with the callousness and audacity of his indiscretions in his personal and public criminal acts.
  •  the fact that most victims and most violators of the law are not stereotyped, they actually ARE similar in their personality traits, characteristics as well as psyche.
I would like to elaborate this one; most violent relations/spouses are not just wounding your physique, they are trying to mold your person into someone that is nowhere near what you genuinely, originally were. They take great pleasure in the sufferings of not just one particular individual, but are sadistic people who, in the words of one such inhuman soul ‘suck the blood out of you and then transfuse back litres of blood, an ounce at a time’.  They love to see you suffer and attempt again and again to get up each time they bury you deep in the trenches of  insanity, and insecurity.
Similarly, the victimized are all smart, intelligent, impressionable, very young persons, who are easily maneuvered and have the innate need to make others happy, and are willing to go to any lengths to satisfy the one they fall prey to, and alter themselves to suit their beloved’s wants. 
  • the inner voice that seems to say that the author isn’t quite transparent, instead has an agenda of her own material gains perhaps?!
  • there are many people in this world, and not just the region, belonging to all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and nations who have seen adversity and from the ashes emerged seemingly unscathed and have stories of their own to tell; and there are a lot more who have gotten away scott free, not gotten any of their just desserts.
Why is their such disparity in this universe? And what do we learn or are supposed to take away from such heart wrenching tales?
Some aren’t affected, and just skim through and go on with their lives, stack these books in their shelves, watch these interviews, and switch the channels to more entertaining ones. While there are others who wait and watch. They either find themselves in the role of either character and envision the outcomes of their own actions in the endings of the accounts. Or perhaps even gain courage and get out, once and for all?
Why wait? Why not at the very least try and curb such a satan’s diabolic plans of destruction, or maybe even be gallant enough to grab the princess from the clutches of the dragon and lead her on to a life of freedom?

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