Party every day!

She’s been frowning all day. Something’s on her mind. She looks confused and worried.. Makes no difference whatsoever that she’s been engaged for 3 years. She’s known him since she grew up in the same neighborhood..Makes you think, she must be prepared, or at least ready, but how come each month she looks at the 5th on the calender and dreads the fact that another month has passed by?

What is it that scares her? Her in-laws? Her to be? The fear of the unknown and the hyped up life that after marriage is glorified in the movies and the romances that sh’es read and seen since forever?


That’s not it.

She’s scared she can’t flirt anymore.

She can’t check out guys. She can’t discuss the new guy’s cute butt or his huge gorgeous eyes. She can’t imagine how it would be to belong to a guy. For good.

Does getting hitched mean never having fun, going out with your ‘new’ family only, and never looking back at your girlfriends? How come we are made to feel that way? Whether its the wife or husband, they are under the massive misconception that married life is the end of everything single. It’s the end of life as we know it? Nah, that isn’t necessarily true, my friend. It’s a new life, yes, it’s a little difficult, yes, but it isn’t the Herculean task that it’s portrayed by all the unhappily married folks. Yup, I said it, UNHAPPY. The happily married ones love it and don’t want no going back to the world of singledom! (Ok, so I just made up that word, my blog, my way, people!) So like I was saying, its obnoxious the soaps’ portrayals and old ladies’ tales of marriage and togetherness that’s downright boring and all docile with the hubby and totally irritated with the ‘pain in the you know what’ wife. It really ain’t! Its fun and exciting and yeah very very everyday, normal routine stuff, with a dash of extra herbs of intimacy and companionship that’s probably way nicer than you thought possible.

Its crucial for each spouse to retain their sanity and friendships in order to give each other space and breathing room. He can go bowling or watch a cricket match once a week, and she can go window shopping and to the movies with her babes. It refreshes you and excites you to see her when you come back home. You don’t require 100% constant contact. You can check out all the guys you want, and whats the big deal with that! Its harmless fun, you love laughing about it over a bowl of ice cream with your BFFs, dontcha?

At the end of the day, its all about trust. In each other and in yourselves. Learn to love each other, with all your traits, the sexy and the not so sexy ones..

Live and let her live.

So, yeah, there is life after marriage.

And gawwwd, its BEAUTIFUL!!



  1. Fresh Meat · August 5, 2011

    Spot on as usual! I think u just summed it up with the personal space thing and trust amongst each other 🙂 On a serious note after the success of kingdom, singledom should be next listed in Oxford dict!

    • sarz · August 7, 2011

      Thanks, fresh meat! Whether u hav found ur sirloin or u r still on the lo0kout, 1st step is to learn to trust 🙂 go0d luck!

  2. Bushra · August 7, 2011


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