A Boss like no other

Cute, adorable and utterly gorgeous.

Hazel eyes, stunning hair and an incredible smile that melts you instantly.

When he’s angry, you can sense it the moment you enter the room or as looks up and he glances at you.

When he’s happy, your world starts to ROCK!!

When he isn’t around, you are lost..you feel stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, even when you are as much at home as you could ever be.

He loves to take care of you in his own special way. He dotes on your every move. He loves you and doesn’t stop. You may shout, you may scream but he just doesn’t step back or relinquish the hold his eyes have on yours.. and as you breathe out the angryness and the irrational madness, you can’t help being a little ashamed and realizing how you have let him down. And his unfaltering love and unconditional adoration wears you down, time and time again.

When he holds you, your world is complete. There is no prior, no later, only the here and the now.

Each day you spend with him, each hour, each minute, helps you heal. He may have some semblance of a little nothing that once was something, but he has what nothing else offers in this whole wide world; he has so much love in him that it brims out of you like the cup of overflowing bliss that all search for. He gives you what the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow may not  — a wealth that you all seek but few find.

He gives you





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